Happy Canada Day

Jenna Rae Cakes Canadian Maple Macarons

We love Canada and we are excited to celebrate Canada day with you this weekend. We have a special line-up of flavours available for you this weekend at The Forks and Academy inspired by our favourite Canadian treats.


Take a read below to see our holiday hours and to find out what is on the menu this Canada Day weekend!



Macaron Feature
Canadian Maple Leaf – A maple flavoured macaron printed with a maple leaf


Cookie Sandwich Feature


Featured items will be available all weekend while supplies last.

JRC Canada Day Macarons



Canadian Maple Leaf – A maple flavoured macaron printed with a maple leaf
All Dressed Chips
Saskatoon Pie
Kit Kat



The following flavours will rotate through our menu from Thursday – Saturday:
Maple bacon
Saskatoon berry crumble
Viva puff
Imperial cookie
Coffee Crisp
Aero bar
Nanaimo bar
Savoury Poutine Muffin


Cookie Sandwiches



Party Squares




Beaver Tail


Be sure to stop by one of our locations this weekend and pick up some sweet treats to celebrate this wonderful country we live in.


The Forks | 10am – 9pm Daily

Academy | Thursday + Friday 12 pm – 6pm | Saturday 12pm – 5pm

JRC Summer Bucket List

When summer arrives in Winnipeg, we don’t take it for granted! We understand fully that this season is short, yet glorious, and we take every opportunity to enjoy the weather, the longer days and the long weekends.


To help you make the most of your summer, we asked our entire staff to share their number one activity to do this summer! We’ve compiled all of these fun tips and are sharing our JRC Summer Bucket List with you. Consider this a fun list of activities to do to make the most of your summer.


1 – Hit The Beach!
A classic for most people, hitting the beach is always a good time! “My favourite thing to do is heading to Grand Beach on a Monday. We always go to the family beach, even before we had kids because it’s less crowded. The campground at Grand Beach is great as well! We’re gonna test out camping with a toddler this summer.” – Ashley


2 – Go to a Park
There are so many things you can do in the park. You can play catch and go for bike rides (two of Claire’s favourite activities) and you can take the activities you normally do indoors, outside like reading, listening to music or painting.


3 – Go for Ice Cream
We may be biased to recommend heading to BDI to try an item off of our JRCxBDI collaborative menu available all summer long, however, there are so many incredible ice cream shops in all areas of the city. “My favourite place to go for ice cream is Chaeban. They even have GF and vegan options which is super cool and local!” – Alyssa


4 – Go for a Drive
Getting out of the city for a quick drive is a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening. Nicole L loves taking drives to Lockport.


5 – Head to a Goldeyes, Bombers or Valour VCF game
As a staff, we’ve gone to a Goldeyes game and it was so much fun! These games are affordable and fun for the whole family. Grab a few friends and make a night of it.


6 – Take in a show at Rainbow Stage
Rainbow Stage really is fun for the whole family! Whether it’s a date with friends or your partner, taking in some live talent is always fun. Nicole L always enjoys taking in a show over the summer!


7 – Visit the Zoo
Who doesn’t love the zoo?! Being able to walk around outdoors while learning about all the different animals at The Zoo has been a favourite past time of many of the JRC staff who will still take opportunities to get to the Zoo with nieces, nephews, cousins and all the other littles in their lives.


8 – St.Norbert Farmers Market
We are so lucky in Manitoba to have access to so many amazing farmer’s markets! From the downtown farmers markets to smaller markets popping up in small towns everywhere, we love supporting our local community. The St.Norbert Farmers Market is iconic and heading to the market on a Saturday morning to enjoy the local produce, treats and other goods from crafters and makers is a fun way to kick off the weekend.


9 – Take a long weekend and go to the lake!
Mini golf? Ice cream? The Beach? Fishing? What can’t you do at the lake!? Taking a long weekend to head to the lake is a favourite past time of many staff at JRC including Jeff, Jenna and Ashley’s Dad! “I have a fishing boat and love to go out on the river or one of the many lakes close by and try to catch some fish. I am also trying to improve my golf game. Maybe I can break 90 by the end of the summer!”


10 – Bonfires + BBQ’S
What is more Manitoban during the summer than Bonfires and BBQs? “Buying marshmallows, chocolate, and crackers, and heading out to one of the sites at Assiniboine Park is one of my fav things in the city! Not only is it relatively cheap but with a fire site that is ready to go, it’s also super easy.” – Josee

11 – Walk the Forks
Is it just us thinking this, or does The Forks keep getting better and better? The Forks always used to be an amazing tourist destination and all the recent improvements over the past few years have made The Forks THE place to be this summer. The Common’s new outdoor licensed area is filled with comfortable seating and cute lights dangling from the tree’s and with the announcement of their #targetzero project aiming to go zero garbage, you’ll be supporting a wonderful initiative to improve our planet.


12 – Camping + Hiking.
With the limited warm weather months, camping is a fun option for those with an adventurous streak! Jordain loves to go camping over the weekend when she can and will often hit up local areas for some evenings under the stars. Manitoba has a lot to offer for walks and hikes! You can enjoy the wilderness at places like Fort Whyte Alive right in Winnipeg, or branch out to Birds Hill Park or take in the trails in the Pembina Valley.


13 – Festivals
Summer in Manitoba is filled with festivals! From local festivals in small towns to Winnipeg favourites like Folklorama and Many Fest, there’s a festival for everyone in the summer. Aelea is looking forward to attending the first Sunflower Expo at A Maze In Corn this summer– over 40 varieties of sunflowers with craft beer, wine and live music.


14 – Slurpees!
What is more Winnipeg than being sure to indulge in as many slurpees as you can?! Claire loves getting in slurpees all summer long!


15 – Patio Life
Winnipegers take true advantage of patio season! From the time a patio opens, Winnipegers will bundle up as much as they need to accommodate the weather just to sit outdoors for their food and drinks. A favourite place of Jenna Reid is The Roost on Corydon for fun cocktails in the summer!

How do you make the most of summer? We would love to hear how you enjoy the short, but sweet, summer we have here in Manitoba!

Congrats Class of 2019

Another school year is coming to an end, which means another round of hardworking students are putting on their caps and gowns and walking down the aisle to shake hands with their teachers and receive their diplomas. Whether you are graduating from high school or with your master’s degree, we want you to know how proud we are of you! Each and every graduate is deserving of a big round of applause for all of their hard work and dedication to come through their studies on the other side successfully.


To celebrate the graduates in your life, we have Graduation Celebration Cupcakes. These cupcakes will be an assortment of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and will be topped with marbled sugar blossoms edged in gold, salted caramel macarons with a gold splatter and cupcakes featuring a grad cap and scroll made out of fondant.


Graduation Celebration Cupcakes are available as a box of 6 cupcakes for $35 or a box of 12 cupcakes for $70. To place an order, give our shop on Academy a call at 1-204-691-4222 anytime after 10 am, Tuesday through Saturday or email syd@jennaraecakes.com including the date you’d like your Graduation Celebration Cupcakes for.


To all the graduates, congratulations! From all of us at Jenna Rae Cakes, we wish you the best of luck as you take your new skills and put them to use in the world.

Bakery Business Tips to Live By

Jenna Rae Cakes is more than just a pretty Instagram feed and tasty treats. We are a business that aspires to keep growing, learning and expanding the horizons of what we know so we can keep our customers coming back for more. As a business, there are a few foundational things we have committed to over the years that helped take us to where we are now. While we fully understand there are other incredible business out there with amazing tips, we are often asked about our business– what works, what doesn’t and how we’ve been able to grow.

We put the following principles to action and we have seen growth in our company keeping these principles in mind. Take a read of our ‘Bakery Business Tips to Live By’.


Tip 1 – Hire Up

Something we’ve tried to instill since the beginning of JRC is to always hire up. If you want to see growth in your company, you need to hire people who are more skilled than you in areas that you want to grow your company in. We have been implementing this as long as we’ve been around because we want to be sure we keep hiring individuals who can help us reach our goals. This is as simple as hiring trained bakers with experience and finding people who have skills that wow you.


Tip 2 – Encourage Creativity

We love encouraging our staff to be creative! Some of the best ideas we’ve executed, from fun new flavours to product ideas and more, have come from our talented staff. Encouraging your staff to be creative and come up with ideas will help your staff feel valued and like they, and their opinion, matter. We recently featured one of our bakers, Beatriz, and created a flavour of macaron and cream puff that remind her of home. People loved learning about her and trying out a flavour that was new to them.


Tip 3 – Better, Not Bigger

Growth is great, but doing what you are known for really well is even better. When you learn something new, you take your time to do it well before expanding and growing. We take the same approach to our business. We want to do things really well before growing. That makes growth sustainable and ensures we can keep growing more in the future.


Tip 4 – Be Ruthless About Your Brand

Your brand is important and we ensure everything we do is branded to perfection (or as close to perfection as we can get it!). Also, just about every single thing affects your brand. From a customer interaction with one of our front of house staff, to how we respond to your inquiries on Instagram, the images we post and how we present our treats on our menu, our brand is important and helps people understand who we are as a company. We take our brand seriously and ensure every bit of communication we have and everything we put out into the world is in line with our mission and values.


Tip 5 – Never Stop Dreaming

We dream BIG at JRC! From the very beginning, we’ve had big dreams of where we’d like to see our company go and keeping those dreams alive is what pushes us each and every single day. There’s something special about seeing a dream become an attainable goal, then watching the hard work of yourself and your team bring it to life. No matter what we do, we don’t stop dreaming of where we’d like to be.


These five tips are just a few of the many things that work for us to keep growing as a company while committing to high standards in all we do. If you are a business owner, we’d love to hear from you! What are your top tips for success? What works for you to help your business thrive?

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