Say it with JRC

“Thank you!”

“I love you”

“I’m here for you”

“You’re the best!”

No matter what you need to say, we can help you send your greetings in a beautifully designed card that will make the recipient feel your warm wishes.

The Jenna Rae Cakes line of greeting cards are designed to be perfectly suited to any sentiment you need to send out to friends, family your co-workers or peers. Need to send a thank-you card? Our “Peace” card featuring a gold foil hand giving a peace sign would be wonderful. Want to send well wishes to someone who needs a pick-me-up? Our “Thinking of You” card will show your care.


With additional sentiments including “Time To Party!”, “Happy Birthday” and “Congratulations”, we have a card that will be ready the next time you need to send one with care to someone.

Click HERE to browse our entire line of Greeting Cards. Greeting Cards are available at our locations at The Forks and Academy and are also available to purchase online for shipping to anywhere across Canada!


Join Our Team of Bakers

We are getting ready for a busy fall and winter season which means we are hiring a full-time baker and part-time baker to join our tight-knit crew of hardworking bakers who bring all of our sweet treats to life!


Candidate Profile Summary
We are looking for someone with passion, and experience, for creating high quality baked goods under time and space constraints with a commitment to consistency and detail work. The ideal candidate will have a strong work ethic, be a team player that works hard and continually goes above and beyond the basic requirements that will improve the bakery, and can positively solve problems. Jenna Rae Cakes offers benefits and competitive wages.


Duties and Responsibilities
– Hard-working and efficient
– Detail Oriented
– Hand piping experience an asset
– Strong work ethic
– Team player and problem solver


Credentials and Experience
– Pastry Arts diploma or equivalent education favoured, but not required
– Experience in a bakery/kitchen setting required
– Experience with high volume production of piped goods an asset


Sound like the job for you?
All qualified applicants are welcome to apply via email to Applicants must submit 1 email only containing cover letter, resume and portfolio (no larger than 2mg per attachment). While we graciously thank all individuals for applying, only successful applicants will be selected for an interview.

Final Taste of Summer Theme Day

Summer is on its way out and whether you’re excitedly anticipating autumn or holding onto the last moments of summer, we have a theme day that will be the final farewell to summer that will make you reminisce about the hot days, warm nights and fun had over the past couple of months here in Winnipeg. From Folklorama to heading to the cabin, celebrating Canada Day to taking in the amazing music at Folk Fest, summers in and around Winnipeg are filled with fun and enjoying every single moment. As a sweet ‘until next year’ celebration of summer, we are bringing you a Final Taste of Summer Theme Day taking place on Saturday, August 31st at our shop on Academy Road.


Let’s take a look at all the mouth-watering flavours that will take you back to your favourite summer memories as one final salute to the summer we all love and cherish so dearly.

Showcasing cupcakes for our Taste of Summer 2019 theme day


Banana split
Strawberry Lemonade
Firecracker popsicle
Rose Sangria
Burger Savoury Muffin – Nuburger beef, bacon and herb mayo, pickles,  and house-made cheese sauce!




Salted Caramel
Cotton Candy
Key Lime Pie
Chips and Dip
Smirnoff Ice
Hot Fudge Sundae
Orange Creamsicle




Taco Macarons!  We will have a limited number of taco macarons available so come early to avoid disappointment!




S’mores Brownie Cookie
Banana Split Sugar Cookie
Trail Mix Monster Cookie
Cotton Candy Sugar Cookie
Toffee Salted Caramel Sugar Cookie




“Everything But The Kitchen Sink” – everything sweet and salty made into one ridiculously delicious treat.




Bubble Tea
Taco Dip
Flamingo Vanilla



Ice Cream Sandwiches



Our Final Taste of Summer theme day is happening on Saturday, August 31st from 10am until 6pm! Come early to avoid missing out on any of your favourite summer flavours. We can’t wait to celebrate summer with you this weekend!

Harry Potter Day 2019 Recap

The Hogwarts Express has left Hogwarts for another year, the witches and wizards are returning home and everyone will have to wait until next year to perfect their spells and incantations, play quidditch and hang out in their house common rooms.


Harry Potter Day has come and gone but we are reflecting on the fun from the most magical day of the year!


While each year keeps getting bigger and better, this year had a new twist for us to embrace– our summer hours meant that instead of opening at noon like we had previous years, we were opening at 10am! We didn’t know if people would be lining up before opening and, if so, how early they would be there. When people asked us what time the line up would start, we guessed about 2 hours before opening as in previous years and, well, we were quite right.



The first person took their spot outside our little shop on Academy at 7:30am and the lineup grew from there. Witches and wizards came dressed in their Hogwarts attire, muggles came in their best Harry Potter Fanfare and some individuals even brought blankets, pillows, camping chairs and umbrellas to beat the heat!  This year we handed out cups of butterbeer to those who patiently waited in line and we felt so grateful that they were patient with us as we worked inside to prepare for the big day.


When the winner of our Exclusive Harry Potter Pre-Shop Experience arrived, the winner, along with her guests, skipped the lineup, walked to the door, said the secret password and inside they came! They had the opportunity to sip on glasses of butterbeer while they had the entire shop to themselves to check out the treats and pick out their favourites. The winner and her guests each received a wand from Protego Wand Shoppe— a local artisan who handmakes wands!


The doors opened and the lineup began to filter in! We loved seeing the excitement on our customers’ faces as they saw all the treats in person for the first time! Watching them carefully choose which items they wanted, finding out which house they were in when they picked the house egg they wanted to take home and seeing the Harry Potter outfits were all so special. Guests young and old were full of wide-eyed wonder as they gawked at the pastry case and left the shop full of joy at the treats that were inspired by their favourite books.



We want to say a big THANK YOU to YOU! To each and every witch, wizard, muggle, house-elf, giant and half-blood who hopped on a broom, caught the night bus, used some floo powder or found a portkey to make your way to Harry Potter Day, THANK YOU for joining in the magic with us as we celebrate The Boy Who Lived and the magical world of Harry Potter. It’s because of you that we are able to do these theme days and we hope that we can continue to create magic for you for years to come!


As the shelves began to clear out of the most popular menu items, like our 4″ Happee Birthdae Harry cakes, house dragon eggs and golden snitch cupcakes, we were pleased to still have character macarons in stock until the end of the day, along with other magical treats like Philospher Gems and Love Potion Bites, so that those who came later in the day could still indulge in our whimsical treats. The menu this past year was our most comprehensive yet and we are already scheming up magic for next year… the work of witches and wizards who are up to no good is never over.


Until next year, stay out of mischief!


Below are a few images we were tagged in on our Instagram stories on Harry Potter Day!

Summer Hours

Jenna Rae Cakes interior on Academy


There’s nothing like getting out the city early on a Friday or Saturday to spend a full day at the beach, visit a u-pick or head out to a cabin to spend the day with friends and family. We understand how valuable each day is during the summer months and we want to make sure you can enjoy each day to the fullest.

Our extended Summer Hours are now in effect at our Academy Road location.

Tuesday – Thursday
Noon – 6pm

Friday + Saturday
10am – 6pm

We are open earlier on Friday and Saturday so you can stop by anytime after 10am to pick up your treats for the day or weekend! Take a box of cupcakes to the lake, your favourite cookie sandwiches to the beach, and stock up on macarons to indulge in all weekend long.

If you want to make your visit short and sweet, place a Daily Pre-Order Tuesday – Friday by calling our shop on Academy to reserve a selection of our treats available that day. You can even pre-pay on your credit card and grab and go with your treats when you pick them up. Call 1-204-691-422 to place your pre-order.

See you this summer!

Time To Party!

Jenna Rae Cakes Party Squares


Our brownie has evolved since the beginning of Jenna Rae Cakes. What started as a sky-high double layered brownie enough to share with at least one more person has transformed a few times to bring us to where we are today.


When we were creating our brownies, we always wanted to have at least one layer of super thick, rich, fudgy brownie for you to indulge in. We would add fudge, marshmallow or browned butter frosting in between the layers and top with delicious flavour additions to create a unique flavour of brownie. Truth be told, our brownie was great, but we started to feel like there had to be a better way to jampack flavours into a treat that would be easier to eat while still being similar to a brownie.


We began thinking of the delicious squares we’ve all come to know and love from our childhood. We can all remember going to family gatherings where our parents and relatives would whip up a tasty bar to cut up into bite-sized pieces for everyone to enjoy. Dainty trays at Christmas were always filled with Nanaimo Bar and other decadent flavours put into bar form. With these memories flooding back, we knew Party Squares were the perfect replacement for our brownie.

Jenna Rae Cakes Nanaimo Party Square

The Nanaimo Brownie Party Square


Our team of talented bakers began creating mouth-watering flavour combinations in Party Square form, often still incorporating a brownie or blondie layer as an ode to our original brownie that graced the JRC menu for many years. Now, each week at Academy, we feature a flavour of Party Square. Some of our most recent featured flavours have included Chocolate Chip Banana Bread with Milk Chocolate Fudge, Cookie Dough Brownie, Nanaimo Bar Brownie, Cotton Candy Blondie, Red Velvet, Peanut Butter Marshmallow Square, Sticky Coconut Brownie and more!

Cotton Candy Blondie Party Square by Jenna Rae Cakes

Cotton Candy Blondie Party Square by Jenna Rae Cakes


The creative flavours will only continue to grow as we expand into new seasons at JRC and our entire team is already dreaming up Party Squares for the rest of the year using the flavours you’re most excited to see on our menu as the year progresses including lemon, pumpkin and candy cane.


Check out our Daily Menu to see which flavour is available this week, then pop by our shop on Academy and try a party square today!


Peanut Butter Marshmallow Party Square by Jenna Rae Cakes

Peanut Butter Marshmallow Party Square by Jenna Rae Cakes

Congrats Class of 2019

Another school year is coming to an end, which means another round of hardworking students are putting on their caps and gowns and walking down the aisle to shake hands with their teachers and receive their diplomas. Whether you are graduating from high school or with your master’s degree, we want you to know how proud we are of you! Each and every graduate is deserving of a big round of applause for all of their hard work and dedication to come through their studies on the other side successfully.


To celebrate the graduates in your life, we have Graduation Celebration Cupcakes. These cupcakes will be an assortment of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and will be topped with marbled sugar blossoms edged in gold, salted caramel macarons with a gold splatter and cupcakes featuring a grad cap and scroll made out of fondant.


Graduation Celebration Cupcakes are available as a box of 6 cupcakes for $35 or a box of 12 cupcakes for $70. To place an order, give our shop on Academy a call at 1-204-691-4222 anytime after 10 am, Tuesday through Saturday or email including the date you’d like your Graduation Celebration Cupcakes for.


To all the graduates, congratulations! From all of us at Jenna Rae Cakes, we wish you the best of luck as you take your new skills and put them to use in the world.

Bakery Business Tips to Live By

Jenna Rae Cakes is more than just a pretty Instagram feed and tasty treats. We are a business that aspires to keep growing, learning and expanding the horizons of what we know so we can keep our customers coming back for more. As a business, there are a few foundational things we have committed to over the years that helped take us to where we are now. While we fully understand there are other incredible business out there with amazing tips, we are often asked about our business– what works, what doesn’t and how we’ve been able to grow.

We put the following principles to action and we have seen growth in our company keeping these principles in mind. Take a read of our ‘Bakery Business Tips to Live By’.


Tip 1 – Hire Up

Something we’ve tried to instill since the beginning of JRC is to always hire up. If you want to see growth in your company, you need to hire people who are more skilled than you in areas that you want to grow your company in. We have been implementing this as long as we’ve been around because we want to be sure we keep hiring individuals who can help us reach our goals. This is as simple as hiring trained bakers with experience and finding people who have skills that wow you.


Tip 2 – Encourage Creativity

We love encouraging our staff to be creative! Some of the best ideas we’ve executed, from fun new flavours to product ideas and more, have come from our talented staff. Encouraging your staff to be creative and come up with ideas will help your staff feel valued and like they, and their opinion, matter. We recently featured one of our bakers, Beatriz, and created a flavour of macaron and cream puff that remind her of home. People loved learning about her and trying out a flavour that was new to them.


Tip 3 – Better, Not Bigger

Growth is great, but doing what you are known for really well is even better. When you learn something new, you take your time to do it well before expanding and growing. We take the same approach to our business. We want to do things really well before growing. That makes growth sustainable and ensures we can keep growing more in the future.


Tip 4 – Be Ruthless About Your Brand

Your brand is important and we ensure everything we do is branded to perfection (or as close to perfection as we can get it!). Also, just about every single thing affects your brand. From a customer interaction with one of our front of house staff, to how we respond to your inquiries on Instagram, the images we post and how we present our treats on our menu, our brand is important and helps people understand who we are as a company. We take our brand seriously and ensure every bit of communication we have and everything we put out into the world is in line with our mission and values.


Tip 5 – Never Stop Dreaming

We dream BIG at JRC! From the very beginning, we’ve had big dreams of where we’d like to see our company go and keeping those dreams alive is what pushes us each and every single day. There’s something special about seeing a dream become an attainable goal, then watching the hard work of yourself and your team bring it to life. No matter what we do, we don’t stop dreaming of where we’d like to be.


These five tips are just a few of the many things that work for us to keep growing as a company while committing to high standards in all we do. If you are a business owner, we’d love to hear from you! What are your top tips for success? What works for you to help your business thrive?

They’re Back!


Back by popular demand, Cream Puffs are now back on the Jenna Rae Cakes menu at our location on Academy road!


We had removed Cream Puffs from our menu to bring back another favourite that was in the JRC vault, Cheesecakes. As much as we love cheesecakes, and we know you do too, we just couldn’t stay away from cream puffs. Those little puffs filled with fluffy clouds of flavouring and topped with a deliciously sweet fondant are hard to resist.


You may notice a few changes to our cream puffs now that they are back. We worked hard in our kitchen to perfect our recipes even more and have given our cream puffs and flavourful makeover. You’ll notice that some of our cream puffs are no longer dipped in fondant. We’ve flavoured our craquelin so every last bite of choux has a delicious flavour. The cream puffs that are not dipped in fondant are also less sweet so if your sweet tooth is a little smaller, you can still enjoy our cream puffs!



Each week, two flavours are available at our shop on Academy for you to enjoy. The flavours are listed on our daily menu so you can always keep up with which flavours you can stop by and enjoy. We have many new flavours up our sleeve including feature flavours over the weekend, more savory flavours and more!


We hope to see you soon to try our improved cream puffs! We have an exciting line up of flavours we are excited for you to try!


Our new Raspberry White Chocolate Cream Puff


We all scream for ice cream!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Bride Drive-In is a Winnipeg classic. We can all remember taking trips to BDI as kids, and now, as adults, heading there with friends and family on hot summer days to enjoy an ice-cold treat. Winnipeggers know our warm months are short, so we have to make the most of our ice cream season. As soon as the snow melts and BDI opens their doors at their Jubilee location, we feel like we can officially say that the warmer months are here.


This summer, we have collaborated with BDI to bring you a JRCxBDI Menu of frozen treats filled with all the JRC goodness you love from our baked goods. Together with BDI, we’ve turned our favourite menu items into soft serve ice cream, flurries and ice cream sandwiches! Take a look at our JRCxBDI collab menu below.



Open daily 12noon – 9pm


Cotton Candy Soft Serve
Pink cotton candy ice cream is swirled high in a cone and is topped with a gorgeous mix of sprinkles.

Cotton Candy Macaron Flurry
Cotton candy flavoured ice cream is filled with macaron shells.

Salted Caramel Macaron Flurry
Vanilla ice cream is filled with salted caramel and macaron shells.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Flurry
Our delicious homemade vegan chocolate chip cookie dough is a treat in this vegan soft serve flurry.

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich
Two giant macaron shells are filled with vanilla ice cream.


Weekdays 10am – 9pm
Saturday 9:30am – 6:00pm
Sunday 11:00am – 6pm


Cotton Candy Macaron Flurry
Cotton candy flavoured ice cream is filled with macaron shells.

Salted Caramel Macaron Flurry
Vanilla ice cream is filled with salted caramel and macaron shells.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Flurry
Our delicious homemade chocolate chip cookie dough is a treat in this vanilla soft serve flurry.

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich
Two giant macaron shells are filled with vanilla ice cream.


Our collaboration is running all summer long so you can try all of our limited edition treats on the JRCxBDI menu. Be sure to tag us in your posts by using the hashtag #jrclovesbdi. If we love your photo, we just might repost it on our Instagram feed or story!




Sweet Deal!

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