Harry Potter Day 2019 Recap

The Hogwarts Express has left Hogwarts for another year, the witches and wizards are returning home and everyone will have to wait until next year to perfect their spells and incantations, play quidditch and hang out in their house common rooms.


Harry Potter Day has come and gone but we are reflecting on the fun from the most magical day of the year!


While each year keeps getting bigger and better, this year had a new twist for us to embrace– our summer hours meant that instead of opening at noon like we had previous years, we were opening at 10am! We didn’t know if people would be lining up before opening and, if so, how early they would be there. When people asked us what time the line up would start, we guessed about 2 hours before opening as in previous years and, well, we were quite right.



The first person took their spot outside our little shop on Academy at 7:30am and the lineup grew from there. Witches and wizards came dressed in their Hogwarts attire, muggles came in their best Harry Potter Fanfare and some individuals even brought blankets, pillows, camping chairs and umbrellas to beat the heat!  This year we handed out cups of butterbeer to those who patiently waited in line and we felt so grateful that they were patient with us as we worked inside to prepare for the big day.


When the winner of our Exclusive Harry Potter Pre-Shop Experience arrived, the winner, along with her guests, skipped the lineup, walked to the door, said the secret password and inside they came! They had the opportunity to sip on glasses of butterbeer while they had the entire shop to themselves to check out the treats and pick out their favourites. The winner and her guests each received a wand from Protego Wand Shoppe— a local artisan who handmakes wands!


The doors opened and the lineup began to filter in! We loved seeing the excitement on our customers’ faces as they saw all the treats in person for the first time! Watching them carefully choose which items they wanted, finding out which house they were in when they picked the house egg they wanted to take home and seeing the Harry Potter outfits were all so special. Guests young and old were full of wide-eyed wonder as they gawked at the pastry case and left the shop full of joy at the treats that were inspired by their favourite books.



We want to say a big THANK YOU to YOU! To each and every witch, wizard, muggle, house-elf, giant and half-blood who hopped on a broom, caught the night bus, used some floo powder or found a portkey to make your way to Harry Potter Day, THANK YOU for joining in the magic with us as we celebrate The Boy Who Lived and the magical world of Harry Potter. It’s because of you that we are able to do these theme days and we hope that we can continue to create magic for you for years to come!


As the shelves began to clear out of the most popular menu items, like our 4″ Happee Birthdae Harry cakes, house dragon eggs and golden snitch cupcakes, we were pleased to still have character macarons in stock until the end of the day, along with other magical treats like Philospher Gems and Love Potion Bites, so that those who came later in the day could still indulge in our whimsical treats. The menu this past year was our most comprehensive yet and we are already scheming up magic for next year… the work of witches and wizards who are up to no good is never over.


Until next year, stay out of mischief!


Below are a few images we were tagged in on our Instagram stories on Harry Potter Day!

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