Mother’s Day Tiered Treat Tower


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A show-stopping tower of delicious treats that will make a statement when you drop it off on the doorstep of the positive female role model in your life! Our Tiered Treat Towers feature a 6-box of our Mother’s Day Works Cupcakes stacked up with a Mother’s Day Assorted Treat Box all tied with a pink JRC bow.Β 

Printed macaron illustrations by Jessie Thiessen at Small Jane.



Assorted Treat Box: Wrap box in plastic wrap and store in the fridge for 2-3 days. Remove from the fridge half an hour before serving.

Cupcakes: It is important to keep cupcakes at room temperatureβ€”do not refrigerate them as this will dry out the cake. We bake our cupcakes fresh every morning, and we recommend that you enjoy them on the day that you purchase them. To preserve freshness, plastic wrap the bakery box or transfer to an airtight container and leave on your counter out of direct sunlight.

Assorted Treat Box: 4 assorted macarons, 2 vanilla sprinkle printed floral macarons, 1 chocolate chip cookie dough cup, 1 toffee salted caramel cookie sandwich, 1 assorted cookie sandwich.Β 

Mother’s Day Works Cupcakes: Cupcakes will come in assorted flavours. Macarons will be Vanilla Sprinkle.