We’re Hiring a Full-Time Baker

We are getting ready for a busy year at Jenna Rae Cakes which means we are hiring a full-time baker to join our tight-knit crew of hardworking bakers who bring all of our sweet treats to life!


Candidate Profile Summary
We are looking for someone with passion, and experience, for creating high quality baked goods under time and space constraints with a commitment to consistency and detail work. The ideal candidate will have a strong work ethic, be a team player that works hard and continually goes above and beyond the basic requirements that will improve the bakery, and can positively solve problems. Jenna Rae Cakes offers benefits and competitive wages.


Duties and Responsibilities
– Hard-working and efficient
– Detail Oriented
– Hand piping experience an asset
– Strong work ethic
– Team player and problem solver


Credentials and Experience
– Pastry Arts diploma or equivalent education favoured, but not required
– Experience in a bakery/kitchen setting required
– Experience with high volume production of piped goods an asset


Sound like the job for you?
All qualified applicants are welcome to apply via email to [email protected] Applicants must submit 1 email only containing cover letter, resume and portfolio (no larger than 2mg per attachment). While we graciously thank all individuals for applying, only successful applicants will be selected for an interview

How We Come Up With Macaron Flavours

In the fall we asked what you would want to see on our weekly Blog. We received many answers varying from individuals hopeful we would share recipes to people asking for a behind the scenes look at how we make our macarons and cookie sandwiches! We recently shared a behind the scenes look at our cookie sandwiches and today, we are answering the question, ‘How do you come up with all the macaron flavours?’


If you’ve been following Jenna Rae Cakes for a while you know that we have an extensive list of macaron flavours up our sleeves. As soon as you think you’ve tried them all a new flavour pops up and suddenly you’re rushing into the shop to try the latest creation from our amazing bakers.


Stack of colourful macarons bitten into to reveal filling by Jenna Rae Cakes

Coming up with new flavours usually starts with our bakers reminiscing on a childhood favourite treat or commenting on a delicious flavour combination they’ve had the chance to try recently. From the initial flavour idea, our talented staff will brainstorm the best way to recreate the flavour in the form of our chewy, delicious macarons. Most of our macarons are filled with a combination of buttercreams, ganaches, jams, curds, meringues, reductions, baked fillings and more! The sky really is the limit each baker will offer suggestions of ways to create the best reincarnation.


Next step is testing the flavour! Our team will create all the pieces to make the delicious macaron and will sample each piece of the filling to be sure it’s held to the high flavour standards of each Jenna Rae Cakes product. Each flavour is taste tested by the team to find ways to improve on the first flavour profile draft and each time a flavour is tested, the goal is to continue to improve it until we think, ‘This is it!’


Some of our favourite creations in the Jenna Rae Cakes kitchen over the last few years were all of our sour flavours like Fuzzy Peach, Sour Cherry Blaster and Sour Watermelon. We have also enjoyed all the marshmallow goodness in popular flavours like Lucky Charms, S’mores and Butter Beer. Our whipped batter fillings is a filling we’ve been improving over the years– the cookie dough macaron we started with is not the same cookie dough macaron you enjoy today! We’ve been whipping batter fillings over the past couple of years to bring you your favourites like Birthday Cake Batter, Brownie Batter and the popular Holiday macaron, Sugar Cookie.

More unique flavours, like chips, gravy and rum and coke, require some brave taste-testers in the kitchen. Trust us, when you add gravy to buttercream, you’re really crossing your fingers and hoping for the best! Those with a more adventurous palette are sure to always find a flavour to try during Father’s Day, Halloween and Harry Potter Day.


We love the creativity and willingness to try new things that our dedicated and hard-working staff bring to the JRC kitchen. Each staff member has brought with them a wide variety of flavour ideas and we are so grateful they have shared their ideas with us to create macaron flavours our customers love and come back to enjoy over and over again.


What is your favourite macaron flavour?

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