Jenna and Mike’s Wedding Highlights

Jenna and Mike's Wedding by Brittany Mahood Photography


This is the post you’ve all been anxiously waiting for! Now that Jenna and Mike’s gorgeous wedding was featured by Martha Stewart, we are able to share the beautiful images by Brittany Mahood with you. Take a look below at some of our favourite photos from the wedding and some insight into all of the sweet treats featured throughout the beautiful day.

Jenna’s bouquet, made by Heather Page at Academy Florist, featured both real and sugar flowers! Can you tell which flowers are sugar and which ones are real? You’ll notice that sugar flowers made an appearance in a lot of the wedding photos as a nod to Jenna’s favourite medium: sugar!

Ashley designed custom 6-macaron gift boxes as the wedding favours for guests of Jenna and Mike’s wedding. Popular macaron flavours in a palette matching the wedding meant every guest left with a treat they would be able to enjoy over the next few days (or all in one day!).

The dessert table at their wedding featured mini cookie sandwiches, chocolate covered gems, even more macarons and cream puffs! Jenna and Mike are huge Harry Potter fans so, of course, there were Butterbeer flavoured macarons and cream puffs for guests to enjoy. Fun fact–Jenna is a Slytherin and Mike is a Hufflepuff (although he’ll tell you he’s a Gryffindor).

Jenna originally thought she wouldn’t design her own wedding cake, she had wanted to have a cake made up of wheels of cheese instead! While that may have been delicious, we knew Jenna couldn’t resist creating her own cake. She created her cake out of styrofoam so she could work on it well in advance of the wedding (and avoid the all-nighters that usually have to happen with a cake as large and detailed as this!) and now the cake will be preserved in an acrylic box and displayed in her home as a keepsake from their wedding day.

The most significant part of the cake to Jenna are the touches of sugar blueberries that delicately adorn the cake. They represent her granny and baba and pay homage to the times they would spend blueberry picking. Even though they couldn’t be with her that day, each blueberry was a reminder of how special their relationship was.

Photography: Brittany Mahood
Location and catering: Fort Garry Hotel
Event planning: Soiree Planning
Flowers: Heather Page at Academy Florist
Videography: Rhyme & Rhythm Cinematography
Officiant: Terri Robertson
Stationery: Ashley Illchuk
Calligraphy: Julie Doan
Cake: Jenna Rae Cakes
DJ and lighting: Tony Braccio “Junior” of Crystal Sound
Rentals: Planned Perfectly
Bride’s gown and headpiece: Sarah Seven
Bride’s accessories: Cartier bracelet, Christian Louboutin shoes
Hair: Prep Hair
Makeup: Ashley Tiopo
Menswear: Giovanni Clothes Inc.
Groom’s accessories: Breitling watch
Transportation: Tony’s Regal Coach
Photo Booth: 6 Degrees
Rentals: C and T Rentals

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Best Moments of 2018

We can’t believe 2018 is already coming to an end! Does anyone else feel like time goes by a little faster each year? 2018 was a year full of fun and adventure at Jenna Rae Cakes and we are so excited to look back at some of our favourite moments with you. While so many moments stand out, and we are sure each staff member could contribute a list of their favourite moments here at JRC, below are our top moments of 2018!


Best Moment #1
Opening our second location at The Forks

Since opening up our first shop on Academy, we’ve been hearing people ask us if we ever planned to open a second location. While we initially thought our second location might be out-of-province, opening up a second location at The Forks in the iconic marketplace has been a dream come true! Our second location has allowed us to serve Winnipeg in the place they love to be and we are so grateful for each and every person who has supported our second location by stopping by and picking up a few treats and taking a photo with our gold JRC logo.

With the opening of our second location came the addition of more staff! We have more staff on board right now than we ever had before and it’s been wonderful to grow with a team of dedicated, hardworking and creative bakers and customer service staff who all believe in the potential of our little business.



Best Moment #2
Maggie Austin Workshop in Washington

Jenna and Ashley attended a cake decorating workshop in May with Jenna’s idol, Maggie Austin. Jenna learned many new decorating and flower techniques that she incorporated into her own wedding cake and the cakes of the happy couples she had the honour of creating cakes for throughout 2018. The inspiration from that one workshop is still going strong.



Best Moment #3
Easter Eggs

At Easter this year we launched our Chocolate Eggs! Each egg was handmade by our head baker, Jordain, and was filled with gumballs, meringues and sprinkles. Chocolate Eggs made their way back to our menu as Dragon Eggs on Harry Potter Day as well. These fun creations are now going to be a staple on the JRC menu when they fit the holiday.




Best Moment #4
Jenna’s Wedding

Jenna’s wedding was definitely a highlight for JRC! Her stunning cake (which we promise we will show you soon!) was a show-stopping feature at the wedding. Each guest received a custom designed 6-macaron box as their favour, and the sweets table was stacked full of sweet JRC treats and Mike and Jenna’s favourite flavour of JRC cake! The whole team really pulled together to create the sweet treats for Mike and Jenna’s guests to enjoy and the wedding was a wonderful celebration of their forever-love.



Best Moment #5
Attending OMG Dessert Goals

In October Jenna, Ashley, Trevor and Jordain headed to New York for OMG Dessert Goals! OMG Dessert Goals is a curated event filled with only the best desserts available in New York City. Our team conquered the event and, surprisingly, didn’t go into a sugar coma. This event inspired us and challenged us to push our limits on what we create and the flavours we combine. We can back to Winnipeg feeling ready to try new things!



Best Moment #6
Jenna’s Pregnancy

We are so excited to welcome another little one into our lives (and kitchen)! Jenna announced she is expecting a sweet little baby girl in 2019 and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Leo was our first ‘bakery baby’ and it has been so fun to watch him grow up surrounded by the business we’ve worked hard to create. We look forward to Jenna’s little girl joining Leo as they explore and learn the ins and outs of baking sweet treats.



Best Moment #7
A Super Secret Project

We are working on a super secret project set to launch in 2020 and we are over the moon excited to share this with you…in 2020! We’ve already begun working on this exciting project, making it a highlight for 2018. We know the suspense is hard to take so trust us when we say this project will be the answer to a lot of inquiries we receive daily.



This entire year has been a big time for growth and change at Jenna Rae Cakes. We are always working to improve the sweet treats we are putting out and grow in a sustainable way so more people can enjoy the goodies we have to offer. Thank you for your support over this past year. Our best moments are only made possible because you support us. We look forward to all that 2019 has in store (and online) for us and for you!

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