Cotton Candy Flavouring Is Now Available

Just in time to be added to Christmas lists and to make an appearance in your favourite crowd-pleasing holiday treats, the Jenna Rae Cakes Cotton Candy Flavouring is now available online for shipping across Canada!


The journey of the Jenna Rae Cakes Cotton Candy Flavouring has been an adventure of trial and error before finding the perfect flavouring for all of our favourite treats. From the beginning, Jenna, Ashley and their sister Chelsea knew they wanted to make treats emulating their childhood sweet treat indulgence of cotton candy.

At first, Jenna tried putting chunks of fluffy cotton candy into buttercream to flavour it. Next, our kitchen went through one flavouring after the next that didn’t meet the standards our flavours at Jenna Rae Cakes have become known for. Then, one day, we found it. A cotton candy flavouring that has the sweet, spun sugar taste that takes you back to your younger days.


Our Signature Cotton Candy flavouring has been used in all of our cotton candy treats– from cookie sandwiches to macarons, cotton candy marshmallow bites to our seasonal cotton candy hot chocolate. Our most popular cotton candy item has to be our Signature Cotton Candy Cake which is decorated to be as whimsical looking as the name and flavour would suggest. If it tastes like cotton candy in our shop, it is made using this exact flavouring.

Signature Cotton Candy Cake by Jenna Rae Cakes

We are now bottling this flavour in-house for you– the home baker with a creative imagination that wants to bring magic into your kitchen with every delicious drop! Click HERE to order a bottle (or two) of our Cotton Candy Flavouring and create anything your heart desires to be cotton candy! We suggest Cotton Candy pancakes, Cotton Candy whipped cream in your hot chocolate or cotton candy icing on homemade cupcakes.


All About Shipping!

When we first started shipping our macarons, we felt an overwhelming sense of joy to be able to share our labour of love with macaron lovers across Canada! Our macarons are known for their deliciously fun flavours, beautiful colours and their chewy candy-like texture. Shipping our macarons had always been a goal of ours and we plan to expand our shipping reach as soon as we can (that means you, USA!).

Gift Box of 12 Macarons by Jenna Rae Cakes

We’ve put a lot of love into how we ship our macarons and do all we can to ensure maximum freshness and quality when they arrive at your door. From selecting a new menu of flavours each week to our custom designed macaron boxes complete with pink packaging crinkle, we want you to give you the full Jenna Rae Cakes experience, no matter where you are across our beautiful country.

12 Gift Box of Macarons shipping by Jenna Rae Cakes

Below are all the details of how we ship our macarons including instructions on how to order!

  • We express ship our freshly baked macarons every Tuesday!
    • From the date you place your order, your macarons will be shipped the following Tuesday. For example, if you place an order on a Friday, your macarons will be shipped out to you the following Tuesday!


  • Orders for the week close on Monday evening, so be sure to get your order in as soon as you know you’d like to receive some of our delicious macarons in the mail!


  • Our macarons are made fresh daily in our kitchen in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


  • Our macarons are packaged and shipped via UPS Express with extreme care. Delivery is guaranteed* within 1-3 days, depending on your shipping choice at check out. To save on shipping, make a group order with some friends or co-workers! UPS does not ship to PO boxes. *We are not responsible for shipping address errors, please double-check before purchasing.


  • When you receive your box of macarons, the ice pack will be melted, having done its job of keeping your macarons cool in transit. Place the box of macarons in the fridge or freezer for a minimum of one hour. Our macarons taste their best at room temperature or slightly chilled—the buttercream is soft, the ganache is creamy, and the shells are nice and chewy!

Styled shot of a Jenna Rae Cakes 12 gift box of macarons

Our team of talented bakers work hard to create our macarons and sharing them with you is truly our pleasure! To learn about ordering our gift box of 12 macarons, and to see the other goodies available for you to order, visit our website.


Sweet Deal!

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