July Community Initiative of the Month – QPOC Winnipeg

For the month of July, our Community Initiative of the Month is QPOC Winnipeg!

QPOC Winnipeg’s goal is to provide Winnipeg’s Queer and Trans Black, Indigenous and People Of Colour, with safer spaces, resources, and a support network that recognizes the unique experiences and needs of the QTBIPOC community. From dance parties, and open mic nights, to potlucks and sharing coffee with a fellow QTBIPOC, they are there.



We asked one of the founders of QPOC Winnipeg, Uzoma Chioma, to share with us more about the heart behind QPOC so we can get to know them and the work they do in Winnipeg better. Take a read below!


Tell us about how QPOC Winnipeg came to be.

QPOC started in 2014 with myself and a couple of Black and Queer friends. We realized there were no spaces created where Queer/Trans Black, Indigenous and people of colour could gather as community and have their identities and unique experiences centred. There was also a complete lack of constructive dialogue surrounding racism and discrimination that exists within the 2SLGBTQ* community. We decided to create those safer spaces and opportunities for important critical dialogue to address these issues and uplift 2sQTBIPOC TBIPOC – Two Spirit, Queer|Trans, Black, Indigenous & people of colour community.


Tell us more about how you support your community.

We host safer space based events that explicitly center the needs of 2sQTBIPOC. Everything from dance parties to open mic nights where we feature local and international artists. We provide support for asylum seeking queer refugees, we provide training, education and workshops for schools, organizations and businesses. We host DJ workshops, provide advocacy, partner to host conferences, community coffees and potlucks, have a chest binder fund for community members who cannot access a chest binder on their own, we partnered with Sunshine House to establish an emergency food security fund and to host fundraisers that provide direct support to community members. And so much more 🙂


How has covid-19 caused QPOC to shift their offerings for the QTBIPOC community in Winnipeg?

We’ve been unable to host our monthly events. This has been a big loss in terms of consistent opportunity for community to connect and gather. We have been able to get creative and through strong partnership with the University of Manitoba Institute for the Humanities, engage community through the arts and provide direct financial support for projects developed under a specific theme.  We continue to reach out to folks directly, using social media as a way to stay engaged and recently hosted a community coffee, with free coffee and snacks, to encourage folks to connect and meet outdoors with community. As public health orders continue to loosen we’ll create more safer opportunities for community.


For the month of July, Jenna Rae Cakes will be donating 5% of all cupcake sales to QPOC Winnipeg. To learn more about QPOC Winnipeg, click here. Be sure to follow QPOC on Instagram as well!


Summer is here! It’s time to enjoy those long hot days and warm nights before they leave us all too soon! Last year we introduced you to our collaboration with Bridge Drive-In, a classic Winnipeg establishment that we’ve spent our time frequenting for as long as we can remember. It’s a Winnipeg tradition to head down to BDI and enjoy their delicious flurries and other ice cream treats while walking down the bridge and taking in the summer sunshine. This year, we are collaborating once again with BDI and we are so excited to have a new menu of delicious flavours for you to enjoy!

Take a look below at our menu with BDI which is currently available at their location on Jubliee.



*Can all be made vegan by asking for vegan soft serve!*


🍪 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 🍪
We introduced you to this treat last year and it was so popular we brought it back this year! A generous amount of Jenna Rae Cakes Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is swirled into vanilla soft serve! Ask for vegan ice cream and this is a delicious treat you’ll come back to time and time again!


🍒 Imperial Cookie Dough 🍒

We’ve taken a generous amount of our staff and customer favourite Imperial Cookie Dough swirled it into delicious vanilla soft serve along with jam and imperial cookie royal icing! Each Imperial Cookie Dough flurry is a beautiful pastel shade of pink and is topped with a maraschino cherry!


🍰 Birthday Batter Cookie Dough 🍰 

If you love birthday cake batter and cookie dough then you’re going to LOVE our Birthday Batter Cookie Dough Flurry! Vanilla soft serve is filled with generous scoops of Birthday Cake Batter Cookie Dough and Pink Birthday Batter Buttercream both swirled in and is topped with sprinkles! Delicious and adorable, this is one cookie dough flurry you’ll love!





🍪 Chocolate Chip with Twist Soft Serve 🍪

Two of our Jenna Rae Cakes Chocolate Chip Cookies are filled with BDI’s Twist soft serve ice cream. A delicious combination of classic chocolate chip cookies and vanilla and chocolate ice cream.


🎉 Vanilla Sprinkle with Vanilla Soft Serve 🎉

Two of our Jenna Rae Cakes chewy Vanilla Sprinkle sugar cookies are filled with BDI’S Vanilla soft serve ice cream! This is an ice cream sandwich sure to please every palette! 



Check out BDI’s location and hours by clicking here! Be sure to tag us on Instagram with the tags @jennaraecakes and #jrclovesbdi

We are open!

These past few months have been an adventure. Having to make the decision to close our shops to the public was the hardest decision we’ve ever had to make and since that day we’ve been looking forward to the day we would get to reopen our doors and welcome you back in. That day has come and we are so excited to welcome you back into our shops starting on June 16th!


As with every business that is opening up, there are a few extra precautions in place to keep our team and you, our valued customers, safe and having the best experience. Please take a read below to learn about what your shopping experience will be like at each of our locations and to read the answers to our FAQ!


Academy Road

Monday – Saturday noon – 6pm
Closed Sunday


Your shopping experience:

When you arrive, please wait in a physically distanced line up until you are able to come into the shop. When you step inside, please follow the guide marks on the floor. We are currently allowing 4 customers in at a time to maintain distancing. When you get to the pastry case, we ask that you try to be as efficient as possible when selecting the treats you’d like our team to box up for you. You will pay preferably by a contactless method and then follow the markings on the floor to exit. We ask that if you are not feeling well or have been out of the country you avoid visiting our shop and stay home until you’re feeling better!


How many people allowed in the store at a time?
4 people are allowed in the store at a time and we will have spots on the floor for you to stand. All others must wait outside and maintain physical distancing protocols.
How can I pay?
We prefer contactless payments of debit and credit but will accept cash as well.
Can I still place an order for delivery or pick-up over SkipTheDishes?
Yes, you can! When picking up your order, please wait in line and when you get to the front we will be able to hand your order off to you. You will not be able to skip the line up to pick up your order as we can only allow a small number of people into our storefront space.
Can I call in and place an order to pick up INSTEAD of placing it through SkipTheDishes?
Yes! You can call our shop at 1-204-691-4222 starting at 10am to place your pre-order for pick up later on in the day. When you arrive to pick up your order you will need to wait in line and pay for your pre-order.
Am I required to wear a mask and sanitize my hands upon entering the shop?
You are not required to wear a mask or sanitize your hands before entering. We will have hand sanitizer available if you’d like to use it. We ask that you please do not touch our gift items and ask a JRC Team Member for assistance. Our team will be sanitizing our shop regularly throughout the day including door handles and surfaces. 
Can I sit in your shop and enjoy my treats?
Unfortunately, our seating area is still closed.
Can I use your bathroom?
Yes, you may use our washroom. The washroom will be sanitized regularly by staff throughout the day.
Will you have your FULL menu back including gluten-less cupcakes + cookie sandwiches, cream puffs, Oreos, bites, etc?
We are taking things slowly as we evaluate customer demand for menu items and staff capabilities as we begin to bring more staff back. Our menu at Academy will currently continue with cupcakes, cookie sandwiches, macarons, cookie dough cups and cake cups.
Can I select treats in any quantities?
Yes! Just like before, you’ll be able to check out what we have behind our pastry case and select the specific items you’d like in any quantity you’d prefer! 

The Forks

Open Daily from 11am – 9pm


Your shopping experience:

When you arrive at The Forks and come upstairs to visit us, please wait in line and follow all physical distancing protocols. Please wait at the end of the counter closest to the stairwell until a team member is ready to help you. When a team member is ready to pack up your order, please try to be as efficient as possible. Once your order is boxed up, you can pay at the till preferably a contactless method of payment (cash is accepted if needed). If you’d like to add a gift item to your order, please let our team know and we would be happy to grab an item and add it to your order. We ask that if you are not feeling well or have been out of the country you avoid visiting our shop and stay home until you’re feeling better!


Can I place an order through SkipTheDishes and have it delivered from The Forks so I can be within the delivery radius? OR, can I place an order through SkipTheDishes and pick up at The Forks?
No, SkipTheDishes orders will only be delivered from our shop on Academy and all orders placed for pick-up through SkipTheDishes must be picked up at Academy. There is currently no option to place an order and pick it up at The Forks.
How can I pay?
We prefer contactless payments of debit and credit but will accept cash as well.
Will you have your regular menu available?
At this time our menu at The Forks will have macarons, cookie sandwiches, cookie dough cups and cake cups.
I’d like to purchase gift items, how will that work?
All of our gift items will be displayed in our case. Please ask a team member for assistance if you’d like to smell a candle or purchase a gift item and they will be able to get the item for you. 
We are so excited to serve you at our locations. We missed you and we hope to see you soon!
Have questions? Send an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we are able or call our shop on Academy at 1-204-691-4222 Monday – Saturday from 10am – 6pm.

Charity of the Month

Our Charity of the Month of May is Winnipeg Harvest!


Winnipeg Harvest and its partner organizations are front-line responders during this coronavirus crisis. With schools and businesses closing, job and wage losses, vulnerable and isolated adults, the demand for food in local communities across the province is steadily increasing, and their capacity to respond is decreasing. Winnipeg Harvest is continuing to operate as best as possible to ensure our neighbours have enough food to eat during this uncertain time.

$1 from every box of cupcakes sold on SkipTheDishes will be donated directly to Winnipeg Harvest for the duration of May. Winnipeg Harvest needs our support more than ever to keep their warehouse open and food flowing and we know the generosity of Winnipegers will ensure that Winnipeg Harvest can provide at this time when people in our communities need it most.


To learn more about Winnipeg Harvest, click here.

Thank you for partnering with us to support Winnipeg Harvest throughout the month of May!

March Charity of the Month

Caring for our local community is something we value at Jenna Rae Cakes. Being able to contribute to various charities allows us the opportunity to serve our community and we couldn’t be more excited and grateful to give back to the community that has given us so much support.

For March, our Charity of the Month is Team Tam.


Team Tam supports Sean Tam who is facing a battle with Familial Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma. Donations raised will go towards the clinical trial of Blu667 that Sean is taking part in at the Mayo Clinic including medical expenses, travel and recovery and anything else that might bring Sean and his wife Aly hope and happiness during this trying time.



Throughout the month of March, $0.50 from the purchase of each Chocolate Lovers cupcake will be donated to Team Tam. Purchase your Chocolate Lovers cupcake at either of our locations and know that you are making an impact in the lives of Sean and Aly. At our shop on Academy Road, we will also have Team Tam Pin Packs available for purchase. These Team Tam Pin Packs are created by HappyLand Print Shop and 100% of the purchase price of the pins goes directly to Team Tam.


To learn more about Team Tam and Sean’s journey with Familial Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma, visit their Go Fund Me page here.


Images by Victoria Anne Photography.

Visit us at
The Forks
Open Daily 10am – 9pm


Monday – Thursday noon-6pm
Friday + Saturday 10am-6pm
Closed Sunday

February Charity of the Month

Caring for our local community is something we value at Jenna Rae Cakes. Being able to contribute to various charities allows us the opportunity to serve our community and we couldn’t be more excited and grateful to give back to the community that has given us so much support.

For February, our Charity of the Month is Variety Children’s Charity of Manitoba.


Variety Children’s Charity of Manitoba raises sustainable funds to provide help and hope to children of all abilities, one child at a time. Variety steps in where government, healthcare, and other funding ends to provide direct assistance to children in Manitoba living with special needs and.or economic disadvantage.


Throughout the month of January, $0.50 from the purchase of each Red Velvet cupcake will be donated to Variety Children’s Charity of Manitoba. Purchase your Red Velvet cupcake at either of our locations and know that you are supporting a wonderful charity making a difference right here in Winnipeg.


To learn more about Variety Children’s Charity of Manitoba, visit their website here.


Visit us at
The Forks
Open Daily 10am – 9pm


Monday – Thursday noon-6pm
Friday + Saturday 10am-6pm
Closed Sunday

Charity Of The Month

Caring for our local community is something we value at Jenna Rae Cakes. Being able to contribute to various charities allows us the opportunity to serve our community and we couldn’t be more excited and grateful to give back to the community that has given us so much support.

For January, our Charity of the Month is Main Street Project.


Main Street Project provides a safe place of respite, shelter and support, with dignity and without judgment to individuals in our community experiencing homelessness and addiction. They advocate for a more inclusive society and assist marginalized individuals in making real choices in their lives. Their vision is that every individual has a safe place to be and the right to self-determination.


Main Street Project helps hold communities by supporting people living with addictions, chronic and acute illness, housing and mental health issues – their guiding principles. By addressing these principles in each individual journey, Main Street Project contributes to the overall quality of life of our community members.


Throughout the month of January, $0.50 from the purchase of each Vanilla Bean Cupcake will be donated to Main Street Project. Purchase your Vanilla Bean cupcake at either of our locations and know that you are supporting a wonderful charity making a difference right here in Winnipeg.

To learn more about Main Street Project, visit their website here.

Visit us at
The Forks
Open Daily 10am – 9pm

Monday – Thursday noon-6pm
Friday + Saturday 10am-6pm
Closed Sunday

JRC Holiday Gift Guide

The world is in full Christmas mode with the sounds of the season in every shop you walk into, festive flavours topping every menu and people are buzzing with excitement over holiday gatherings and getting to spend time with the ones they love.

With the holiday season comes picking out the perfect gift for each person on your list. While some people hint all year to the gifts they’d love to receive, others take thoughtful consideration and time mulling through store aisles waiting for the perfect gift to jump out.

To make your holiday shopping easier, we are sharing with you our favourite local shops to pick up gifts for family and friends of all ages, the best places to get party ready for all the events you are attending, and even the best places to deck your halls if you’re hosting gatherings or purchasing a hostess gift! Take a peek below at our JRC Holiday Gift Guide.



For the Whole Family

Brittany Mahood – A photo session is a gift that will give memories for years to come. Brittany Mahood is our go-to photographer at JRC– from photographing the beautiful images you see hanging in our shop on Academy, to photographing both Ashley and Jenna’s weddings, Brittany Mahood is an incredibly talented photographer and wonderful friend.


Aspire Studios – If you’re looking for a place to host your next photo session, Aspire studios is the place! We use their white room every year for our annual Harry Potter Day photo and we love how great the photo spaces are.


Rede Meal Solutions – When Christmas leftovers aren’t quite cutting it anymore, and the business of life kicks back in after the holidays, Rede Meal Solutions is there to provide you ready-made, nutritious meals to your door. A perfect gift for anyone on the go or for a busy family!


The Forks – As soon as we opened up our second location in The Forks we came to love all the fun adventure The Forks has to offer for the whole family. You can eat meals that fit all the preferences of picky eaters, go outside skating at the rink or on the river trail, then come inside to warm up with cocoa or a drink at The Common. The Forks is a destination for tourists and locals alike and a gift card to enjoy in The Market is a perfect gift for anyone in your family.


For The Kids

West Coast Kids – West Coast Kids is the best place to grab all the things you need for babies and kids. If someone on your list is expecting or has a newborn, West Coast Kids has all the necessities and extras that make perfect gifts or stocking stuffers.


Kite and Kaboodle – Toys and games that are both educational and fun are what you’ll find at Kite and Kaboodle. From popular board games to toys that build the imagination, Kite and Kaboodle has fun gifts for all the kids on your list.


Small Jane – Small Jane’s ‘A is for Alphabet’ book is inspired by the beauty of nature and everyday adventures! If your child is learning the alphabet, this book will inspire their imagination and let them experience the wonder of the world.


Deck The Halls + Host/Hostess Gifts

Academy Florist – Academy Florist is sure to have the perfect wreath for your front door, garland for your staircase or mantle, or centrepiece for your table. They have festive bouquets available each day and can make custom creations specific to your needs. We’ve worked with Academy Florist since we opened and we love the work they do!


Coal and Canary Candle Company – Let the smell of fresh apple cider, magnificent evergreens or freshly baked treats waft through your home all season long with candles by Coal and Canary. Their wooden wicks will be the perfect background noise to your festive cheer.


EQ3 – Pick up a few new accent pieces or give your home a makeover in time for holiday guests with EQ3. EQ3 is a Winnipeg-born company specializing in modern design for a clean, simple, classic feel.


The Cheesemongers – The Cheesemongers have everything you need to give a host or hostess gift sure to impress! We love their Fromager Gift Box– a selection of 3 hand-selected kinds of cheese with 3-4 premium accompaniments. You’ll give the most delicious gift the host or hostess is sure to receive.


Grace and Company – A boutique shop down Academy, Grace and Company is filled with all the perfect little items that go into making a truly curated home. With gift big and small, you’ll be able to find the most exceptional pieces that will make the host or hostess gleam with joy.


Sugar Blossom Jewelry – A JRC favourite, a piece from Sugar Blossom Jewelry is sure to make any and every recipient smile. Stop by our shop on Academy for a full selection of Sugar Blossom jewelry or our shop at The Forks to pick up one of our signature pieces.


Cornelia Bean – One of our neighbours down the street of Academy, Cornelia Bean is a dream to visit. Their wide selection of in-house blended teas and fragrant and delicious coffees makes them the perfect place to pop in over the winter! Gift a flight of tea or a seasonal favourite to the person on your list chasing the hygge vibe.


Exceptional Experiences

The Lakehouse – A trend in gift giving the past few years has been gifting experiences and not just gifts. Give a getaway to your parents or to a friend who could benefit from a weekend away with the kids! The Lakehouse is a boutique hotel in the heart of Clear Lake. Their re-done rooms and Insta-worthy aesthetic make this place a dream to stay!


Sea You Swim – The holidays are fun but so is getting away to escape the cold. A new suit is a perfect gift for yourself to get excited. A gift card is a perfect gift for a friend you’re travelling with. This Winnipeg brand is one of Jenna’s favourites.


Pocca Poca Spa – Pocca Poca Spa is one of Winnipeg’s newest spas and is Winnipeg’s only place for Ganban-yoku. The soothing and profound warmth of Ganban-yoku provides participants with a healthful state of being both mentally and physiologically, through the use of an age-old Japanese practice. Lay on the warm stone beds and allow your body to detox. It’ll feel like you’re laying on a beach in a tropical paradise. A gift certificate for an experience is the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone wishing they could get away this winter.


Snowflake by Prairie Love Festival – Snowflake is a one-day winter wellness festival in the heart of Winnipeg in the heart of the cold winter months. Taking place in January, this one-day event is the perfect gift for any yogi, meditation, self-development or spiritual junkie on your Christmas list.


Inn and The Forks – The Inn at The Forks is the perfect place for a family staycation over the winter. Stay in one of their beautiful rooms, spend time at the spa and walk over to The Forks for an afternoon of family-friendly fun. The Inn at the Forks is luxury reinvented.


Primp for the Party

Commonwealth Manufacturing – Commonwealth Manufacturing makes conscious clothing where each product is designed to be simple, classic and enduring, so you can freely bypass the fads and mass production that is especially apparent this time of the year. Give the gift of sustainable fashion to the ladies or gents in your life who are approaching their clothing more consciously.


Organic Tan – Whether you’re looking to get party ready or are gifting a tan to a friend who is going to take a winter vacation, Organic Tan gives you an all-natural spray tan that works with your skin to look natural and beautiful. Give the gift of a summer sun-kissed glow.


Bare Body Sugaring – Feel your most confident throughout the holiday season or as you get ready for a winter getaway! Bare Body Sugaring is our neighbour on Academy so we know all about how sugaring is safe, sanitary and less painful than wax! Pick up a gift card for a practical gift for a friend and one for yourself, too!


Ten Spa – Always aiming to give their clients an experience that is a perfect 10, Ten Spa offers treatments ranging from facials (which we love at JRC!), manicures and pedicures, to skin treatments and massages.  Each Ten Spa treatment has been developed from years of research at many of the world’s foremost spas, as well as hard-to-find ethnic parlours around the globe.


Margot + Maude – We love our neighbours on Academy! Since Margot + Maude opened, we’ve been big fans of the incredible clothing, accessories and housewares they offer. Margot + Maude offers their customers and well-curated and well-edited collection of goods with a focus on Canadian brands, Canadian designers and local makers.


Brows by G – Everyone is all about the brows. We’ve been supports of Giovanna since she first opened her flagship location and no one knows brows like her and her team of incredible staff. A few Brow Luxe products or a gift card for a shape and tint in a stocking or wrapped up pretty under the tree is a gift sure to make any brow fanatic filled with Christmas cheer.


Fingernails Are Pretty – Courtney has made a name for herself in Winnipeg in the local maker community and amongst those who love nails with creative fun and flair. Her nail designs are fun and inspired and a gift card for a manicure with her will make nail dreams come true!


Bob and Page – Another neighbour on Academy, Bob and Page is the perfect place to treat yourself to a hair experience. Their blow dry bar can get you party ready and you can sip on something bubbly while you get your hair done. Pamper yourself this holiday season or pick up a gift card to spread the love.


Ashley Tiopo Artistry – There’s always a reason to look extra special– Christmas party, New Year’s Eve, special event or unique celebration can all be worthy of a little extra boost to your natural beauty. Ashley Tiopo Artistry will enhance your already beautiful face with a look that matches your event. Pop a gift card for her services under the tree and give the gift of glam.


Maison Corazon – We first heard of Maison Corazon this past summer and featured the beautiful clothing Mercedes makes in a blog we posted over the summer called Brands We Love Right Now. Her colourful, playful style using bold patterns and flattering shapes with impeccable attention to detail make for handmade products we can’t get enough of! One of her iconic ‘Mystique Feminin’ printed tees would be the perfect gift under the tree!


Want to win yourself an epic holiday gift bag of goodies from our favourite vendors all included in this gift guide? Our The More The Merrier contest runs from Sunday, December 9th to Saturday, December 15th! What’s unique about this contest is you’ll win a prize pack for yourself and a duplicate of the exact same prize to gift to a friend! The more the merrier with Jenna Rae Cakes will be happening over Instagram so head over to feed and give us a follow to see how to enter to win!

Get Cozy for Fall with JRC

When Fall arrived at JRC in the flavourful forms of pumpkin spice and ginger crinkle, the weather was still on the warmer side. Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, our days are becoming increasingly shorter and the weather definitely has us feeling like winter is just around the corner.

Fall is basically the season to prepare you for winter. It’s time to stock up on candles, tea, good books, and get yourself ready for the inevitable deep freeze that comes each year in Manitoba. Below are our best ways to get cozy for fall!


Sip On Something Warm

We all know there’s nothing like sitting at home with a cup of tea while watching Harry Potter as the days creep closer and closer to Halloween. We love anything Chai and Pumpkin… obviously. One of our favourite places to grab a tea from is our neighbour down the street from our Academy Road location, Cornelia Bean! A Winnipeg original, Cory and her team blend their own unique teas and they just received a facelift at their shop, too!

Get Lit

Light up those fall scented candles and fool everyone into thinking you are brewing some hot cider or baking sweet treats. Nothing quite gets you in the fall mood like the ambiance of a wooden wick and the warm glow of the flame. We love Coal and Canary‘s Sweater Weather box set. Each candle is the perfect size so you can burn all your favourite scents of the season.

Dress The Part

‘Tis the season for warm sweaters, cute coats and adorable beanies. The perk of fall is that you aren’t in full ‘protect-every-piece-of-skin’ mode that comes with Winter so you’re free to play with more options. Another neighbour of ours, Margot + Maude, has the cutest coats and accessories to get you ready for fall. Just pop-in and take a peek. You’ll leave with something, guaranteed!

Give Your Skin Some TLC

The air is dry and suddenly your skin is in need of more moisture and extra love. We give our skin some extra TLC this time of year to prepare it for the seasons to come. The best way we know how to do this is to leave it to the professionals! Ten Spa is one of our new go-to places for our treatments. A little exfoliation, a little massage and whole lot of relaxation are what we are after this time of year.

Flow It Out

Fall is basically the best time of year for Hot Yoga. The hot room feels cozy, you can still easily get to and from the studio without worrying about snowy road conditions, and the detox and clarity that come from a yoga practice pair nicely with the ‘letting go’ of fall. Moksha keeps us coming back for more cozy flows all fall long.


Cozy up for Fall with Jenna Rae Cakes

Fall is the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice, and we think our ways of having a cozy fall are the best ways to make the most of this magical season. These ways are so good that we want you to experience them, too! Our ultimate Cozy Up For Fall contest is now LIVE on Instagram. Check out the post below so you can see how to win a prize pack including:

→JRC x Pepo Ceramics Mug

→Two pouches of tea from Cornelia Bean

→The Sweater Weather Box Set from Coal and Canary Candle Company

→A beanie, scarf and gift card to Margot + Maude

→A 1-month membership to Moksha Winnipeg (valid for use at either their Waverley or Donald location)

→Intro to Hamam for TWO from Ten Spa

→$25 gift card to JRC!

We hope you have the coziest fall you can imagine this year!

Sugar Blossom Pop Up Shop

You’re invited to join us on Sunday, September 30th from noon-4pm at our shop on Academy as we host the Sugar Blossom Jewelry Pop Up Shop!


Kelli from Sugar Blossom has been working hard over the past few months on the latest collection of beautiful pieces we are sure you will love. We’ve stocked Sugar Blossom jewelry since the beginning of Jenna Rae Cakes and we love supporting our local maker community.


At the pop up you’ll be able to purchase some sweet treats to enjoy while you shop the entire Sugar Blossom Fall/Winter collection. Plus, Glitter and Glue Parties will be providing a gorgeous selfie wall so you can show off your new pieces of Sugar Blossom jewelry in a photo that is worthy for Instagram.



Check out the beautiful collection below and share this post with a friend who you’d love to join you at the pop up!


Sweet Deal!

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