Summer is here! It’s time to enjoy those long hot days and warm nights before they leave us all too soon! Last year we introduced you to our collaboration with Bridge Drive-In, a classic Winnipeg establishment that we’ve spent our time frequenting for as long as we can remember. It’s a Winnipeg tradition to head down to BDI and enjoy their delicious flurries and other ice cream treats while walking down the bridge and taking in the summer sunshine. This year, we are collaborating once again with BDI and we are so excited to have a new menu of delicious flavours for you to enjoy!

Take a look below at our menu with BDI which is currently available at their location on Jubliee.



*Can all be made vegan by asking for vegan soft serve!*


🍪 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 🍪
We introduced you to this treat last year and it was so popular we brought it back this year! A generous amount of Jenna Rae Cakes Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is swirled into vanilla soft serve! Ask for vegan ice cream and this is a delicious treat you’ll come back to time and time again!


🍒 Imperial Cookie Dough 🍒

We’ve taken a generous amount of our staff and customer favourite Imperial Cookie Dough swirled it into delicious vanilla soft serve along with jam and imperial cookie royal icing! Each Imperial Cookie Dough flurry is a beautiful pastel shade of pink and is topped with a maraschino cherry!


🍰 Birthday Batter Cookie Dough 🍰 

If you love birthday cake batter and cookie dough then you’re going to LOVE our Birthday Batter Cookie Dough Flurry! Vanilla soft serve is filled with generous scoops of Birthday Cake Batter Cookie Dough and Pink Birthday Batter Buttercream both swirled in and is topped with sprinkles! Delicious and adorable, this is one cookie dough flurry you’ll love!





🍪 Chocolate Chip with Twist Soft Serve 🍪

Two of our Jenna Rae Cakes Chocolate Chip Cookies are filled with BDI’s Twist soft serve ice cream. A delicious combination of classic chocolate chip cookies and vanilla and chocolate ice cream.


🎉 Vanilla Sprinkle with Vanilla Soft Serve 🎉

Two of our Jenna Rae Cakes chewy Vanilla Sprinkle sugar cookies are filled with BDI’S Vanilla soft serve ice cream! This is an ice cream sandwich sure to please every palette! 



Check out BDI’s location and hours by clicking here! Be sure to tag us on Instagram with the tags @jennaraecakes and #jrclovesbdi

Treat Your Mom To Something Sweet

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and while celebrating your mom might look different than you expected, you can still show your mom or mother-figure in your life how much you appreciate them.


We’ve put together a menu of delicious treats with mom in mind that are perfect for celebrating mom with those you live with or to drop on the doorstep of your mom as a special treat to let her know you’re thinking of her and can’t wait to celebrate when you can be together again.


For Celebrating At Home


Mother’s Day Cake

Our Mother’s Day Cake features a soft pink buttercream and is decorated with a stunning floral buttercream wreath. The final touch of an edible ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ disc makes this cake the perfect dessert for a Mother’s Day brunch at home with those you love.


Mother’s Day Cupcakes

Our mouth-watering Mother’s Day cupcakes are decorated with a piped buttercream rosette, pastel macarons with a stunning gold brush and an edible greeting tag that reads ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ in a pretty shade of pink! Available in a box of 6 or 12.


For Dropping Off


Macaron Gift Box

A box of our chewy, scrumptious macarons in beautiful colours are sure to make your mom feel special. Our 6-macaron gift boxes come in our signature gold foil design. Our 12-macaron gift boxes feature a delicate floral design in elegant gold foil. Each box is filled with an assortment of signature flavours.


Cookie Lovers Box

Our gold-foiled signature box is filled with your favourite cookie sandwiches! Each box is filled with 6 of our chewy, buttercream filled cookie sandwiches in the following assortment of our most popular flavours. Each box will include 2 Toffee Salted Caramel Cookie Sandwiches. The remaining 4 will be assorted.


The Extra Touches

Add on an extra touch to make your mom feel extra special this Mother’s Day!


Jenna Rae Cakes x Pepo Ceramics Mug

Make your mom’s coffee or tea time extra special with a stunning handcrafted mug by Pepo Ceramics designed exclusively for Jenna Rae Cakes. Each Pepo Ceramics mug is wheel-thrown, made of porcelain and is finished with a food-safe, pink glaze and abstract, 22 karat gold splatter. Mugs will vary slightly from the picture shown! Each one is beautifully unique– just like your mom! 


Jenna Rae Cakes Liquid Cotton Candy

If your mom loves baking up treats at home or is a fan of cotton candy, our JRC Liquid Cotton Candy will be a wonderful addition to her baking cupboard!



Visit our Holiday Pre-Order page to see all of the sweet treats made just for mom!

Mother’s Day Pre-Orders are available for pickup only at our shop at 580e Academy Road, Winnipeg on the following dates and in the following time slots:

Friday, May 8th from 10am-12pm | 12pm-2pm | 2pm-5pm
Saturday, May 9th from 10am-12pm | 12pm-2pm | 2pm-5pm

If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected]



Covid-19 Cake Orders

Celebrations look different these days. With our inability to gather in groups and with the continued encouragement to stay home, celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special occasions at home can feel like it lacks the lustre of a bigger party, an outing or inviting friends over. While you may be celebrating at home with those you live with, we believe these occasions are still worthy of a sweet treat to celebrate– even if it’s a small celebration at home while calling friends and loved ones over FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or HouseParty to celebrate virtually. 

In light of the number of requests we’ve received to offer cakes at this time so people can celebrate at home with the ones they live with, we’ve decided to open up our cake department again offering a simplified menu of cakes for your celebrations. Please take a look below at the flavours and design options. If you’d like to place an order, please note that we are only accepting a very limited number of cakes each week so we recommend placing your order as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Cakes will be able to be picked up on Thursday, Friday and Saturday only at our shop on Academy from noon until 5 pm.

For more information or to place your order please email [email protected] and our customer service team will get back to you as soon as they are able. For more information on the flavours of cakes being offered, visit the Covid Cakes page of our website


Skip The Dishes

We are so excited to finally be able to offer delivery and pick-up through Skip The Dishes!

Offering delivery is something we’ve been hoping to do for some time but never took the plunge. Now, with how the world is shifting, delivery and pick-up are the best ways we can serve you– our customers that we feel so lucky to be able to serve. Below you’ll find information on our open times for pick-up and delivery, when and where our menu is posted, and answers to our most commonly asked questions.


While this blog post is a resource, for questions regarding the capabilities of Skip The Dishes, your personal account and how to use the App, please connect directly with Skip The Dishes as they will be able to help you best!




We are open for delivery from noon to 5 pm Tuesday – Saturday. We are closed on Sunday and Monday.


Our delivery radius is set by Skip the Dishes and is currently a 15-minute radius from our location at 580e Academy Road.


Our menu opens daily at 9 am for pre-orders. When placing an order before noon, please remember to tap on your delivery address and select ‘Pre-Order’ followed by a delivery time between noon and 5 pm. Then, search for Jenna Rae Cakes and you’ll be able to place your order as long as you are in the delivery radius.


During our operating hours of noon – 5 pm you will not need to select pre-order and will be able to search for Jenna Rae Cakes with delivery ASAP.


If you are in the delivery radius but are trying to place an order after 5 pm and before 9 am of the following day, you will not be able to find us on Skip The Dishes as our menu is offline while we are closed.


Each order comes with a care slip that tells you which JRC team member packed your order, as well as care instructions to keep your treats fresh.


*Please note, if you are out of the delivery radius and try to place an order for delivery, Jenna Rae Cakes will not show up when you search for us. Please try pick up instead.



Pick Up

We are open for pick-up from noon to 5 pm Tuesday – Saturday. We are closed on Sunday and Monday.


If you are outside of the delivery radius as set by Skip the Dishes, you are able to place an order through Skip the Dishes for pick up. Our menu opens daily at 9 am for pre-orders. When placing an order before noon, please remember to select pick up on the home screen of the app, next you’ll tap on your delivery address and select ‘Pre-Order’ followed by selecting a pick-up time between noon and 5 pm. After that, you can search for Jenna Rae Cakes and you’ll be able to place your order.


During our operating hours of noon – 5 pm you will not need to select pre-order and will be able to search for Jenna Rae Cakes with pick-up as ASAP.


If you are trying to place an order for pick-up after 5 pm and before 9 am of the following day, you will not be able to find us on Skip The Dishes as our menu is offline while we are closed.


Each order comes with a care slip that tells you which JRC team member packed your order, as well as care instructions to keep your treats fresh.



Our menu is listed on our website Tuesday through Saturday at 9am.


We currently offer a limited menu of cupcakes in boxes of 6 and 12, macarons in quantities of 6 or 12, cookie sandwiches, cookie dough cups and hot chocolate bombs. You are able to request flavours when you place your order and we will try our best to accommodate your request. Request flavours are not guaranteed.


As items sell out during the day, we update our menu to reflect which items are still available. We recommend placing a pre-order to avoid disappointment.


We also share our daily menu for Skip the Dishes each morning at 9 am on our Instagram feed.


Thank you so much for standing with us as we navigate this uncertain time. Things change daily for us here at Jenna Rae Cakes and we appreciate your support as we make changes to best serve you at this time while keeping our team and you, our valued customers, safe. We hope that our treats can bring a little sweetness to your day.


How We Are Keeping Busy Indoors

As we all spend more time indoors, we are looking for fun and creative ways to keep ourselves, and even our little ones, engaged and having fun. Group activities, dinner parties and other gatherings may be cancelled but we are finding ways to keep ourselves and our families entertained and having fun. Here’s what you can find team JRC doing while we have fun social distancing.



“We made banana bread, and spend a lot of our time cooking, trying to work from home with 2 kids, and playing “balloon”, where Leo and I/Trev keep a balloon in the air as long as we can. So far our top score is 78 hits! I’m also making a scavenger hunt for Leo to find a Hot Chocolate Bomb” – Ashley


Picture below is our Jenna Rae Cakes Banana Bread Party Square recipe. We can’t share it quite yet due to something really exciting coming later this year! We’ll let your imagination fill in the blank!

Learning a New Language

“I am going to start quilting a baby blanket for my friend who just had a baby. I’ve had the fabric before he was born but never had the time to make it, so I guess it’s the time! I started a free language course on to learn a new language. I use the app Houseparty to video chat with my friends and play quick games together. Doing free Zumba classes on Instagram LIVE with my favourite instructors. Baking whatever I’m craving and giving it to my family and leaving the rest at my friends’ doorstep.” – Amirah


PVR Catch Up

“Honestly! My fav thing to do at home is watching my million pvr’d shows (always behind full seasons of shows) and let the commercials run so I can clean my house during them! It kind of makes it a fun game. We also just added a new puppy, Pepper, into the furry fam so he has been keeping us super busy in quarantine!” – Rebecca

Colouring Books

“I love working on colouring books. It makes me relax and become creative. My favourite is the enchanted forest by Johanna Basford.” – Beatriz


Napping Anytime

“Catching up on things that needed to be done, finally doing a puzzle we’ve had for years, walking our dog Molly, reading new books, and napping anytime we feel like it (nothing stopping us now!).” – Jordain


Cooking + Baking

“One of my favourite things to do is bake & cook always trying new recipes!” – Leah


“I’ve been cooking and baking a lot! Both my parents are super busy with work right now, so I’m in charge of making all the meals for our family of 6! I absolutely love to cook/bake so I was more than happy to help out! I really miss JRC so I decided to make mini egg macarons, cookie sandwiches and edible cotton candy cookie dough with our signature flavouring!” – Kaitlyn

Settling In

“I’ve mostly been unboxing/organizing/cleaning every room in our new house … finally lol and watching A LOT of movies!” – Taylor


Picking Up Old Hobbies

“I’ve been practicing piano, ukulele and singing a lot! It’s nice to revisit hobbies you don’t get to do so often. Plus, you feel so accomplished when you nail a song!” – Noah


Organizing + Crafting

“I’ve been passing the time going through boxes of art supplies that I’ve had in storage. I’ve moved 8 times since my School of art days, so I can finally take the time to unpack my hoarded projects and finish some. Starting with a bookbinding technique that I wanted to try out!” – Jana

Team JRC is doing our part to flatten the curve by staying home and finding fun ways to pass the time and we hope you are, too! We are all in this together.


Our hearts go out to the families, individuals, communities and small businesses affected by COVID-19. This post will be updated as the situation unfolds and we hope to keep you as up-to-date with information as possible as it concerns you, our valued customer.

June 16, 2020 Update:

We are so excited to welcome you back to our locations at 580e Academy Road + The Forks starting on Tuesday, June 16th! Click HERE to learn more about what visiting Jenna Rae Cakes will be like now including hours of operation, health and safety procedures, etc. 


Previous Updates:

Macaron Shipping

Due to increased demands for shipping, UPS is no longer able to meet the standards required for the delivery of our macarons across Canada. Their inability to perform to the expected standards hurts small businesses like ours as a time like this when items that are usually handled with care are no longer cared for in the delivery process. To prevent more customers from delayed deliveries and macarons being damaged when being delivered, we have decided to temporarily close the shipping of our macarons across Canada. As soon as we are able we will reopen this service and provide macarons to our valued customers across Canada.


Health and Safety Standards

At Jenna Rae Cakes, health and safety are our top priorities. As a business in the food industry, the standards of cleanliness and sanitation are high and thorough. All of our bakers have their Food Handlers certificates and we take every precaution in our kitchen to adhere to all of the rules and regulations outlined by Manitoba Health. Our commercial kitchen is not open to the general public and all of our staff are being encouraged to follow all COVID-19 advice for the public as outlined by the WHO. Our storefront employees will continue to clean and sanitize with extra diligence and our management team will continue to monitor the situation with extreme attentiveness.



Jenna Rae Cakes is now on SkipTheDishes for pick-up and delivery! Our menu launches on the SkipTheDishes app at 9am Tuesday-Saturday, and delivery pick-up times include 12-5pm. Place your order early in the day to have the best flavour selection. You can view our daily flavour menu here.


Academy Road Location

Jenna Rae Cakes on Academy Road will be temporarily closed to the general public after Saturday, March 21st at 6pm. To learn more, click here


The Forks Location

Our location at The Forks is now closed until further notice.


Cancellation Policy

We fully understand that events are being cancelled. With that, cakes and large orders may need to be cancelled as well. Please email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns about upcoming orders.  


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Please email [email protected] As a small business, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support in this trying time.


We’re all in this together, and remember: above all else, be kind

Help Out The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny has a lot to do! While Santa has elves and reindeer to help him out, our pal the Easter Bunny is hopping around the world solo on the eve of Easter to deliver baskets full of delicious treats, hide eggs around your home for Easter egg hunts and ensure everyone has something yummy to enjoy when Easter arrives.


This year, we’d love to encourage you to help the Easter Bunny out! We’ve created a selection of treats that would make the Easter Bunny proud. From Mini Egg EVERYTHING to our brand new Easter Bunny cake, we have everything you need for your Easter gathering to your Easter egg hunt! Take a look at our selection of treats below!


For The Easter Egg Hunt


Giant Egg Macarons

Hide a treat that will really be a surprise to find, our Giant Egg Macarons come in two delicious flavours: Mini Egg + Cookies and Cream Creme Egg


For The Easter Basket


Hot Chocolate Bombs

Enjoy a final cup of Hot Chocolate before the warm weather arrives! Available in Mini Egg (assorted pastel colours) or Chocolate Lovers!


Giant Chocolate Eggs

Filled with mini egg popcorn, it’s the giant treat that is filled with deliciousness.


Macaron Gift Boxes

For the older kids who still want sweet treats, a gift box of macarons in seasonal and signature flavours will be the perfect gift.


For Dessert


Bunny Cake

A show-stopping centrepiece for your dessert table, our Easter Bunny cake comes in three flavours: Mini Egg, Vanilla Sprinkle and Chocolate Lovers!


Easter Celebration Cupcakes

The perfect dessert for an Easter lunch or brunch, our Easter Celebration cupcakes are topped with macarons, mini meringues and sugar blossoms and come with a Happy Easter edible greeting tag.


Easter Party Platter

Who says you can’t eat dessert first! Our Easter Party Platter is filled with bite-sized treats that you can eat before the big meal without ruining your appetite! Put it out after dinner so guests can enjoy a variety of treats!


Visit our Holiday Pre-Order page to see all of our delicious Easter treats and be sure to place your pre-order! All Easter Pre-Orders must be picked up from our shop via curbside pickup at 580-E Academy Road in Winnipeg, Manitoba on one of the following dates:


Thursday, April 9th from 10am-12pm | 12pm-2pm | 2pm-4pm
Friday, April 10th from 10am-12pm | 12pm-2pm | 2pm-4pm
Saturday, April 11th from 10am-12pm | 12pm-2pm | 2pm-4pm


Spring has arrived at The Forks!

The weather is warming up, the sun is rising earlier and staying out later, and mini eggs are everywhere. It’s official that spring has arrived at JRC and across Winnipeg and our new Spring menu at The Forks brings refreshing flavours that will make your taste buds buzz with delight!


Take a peek at our new Spring 2020 Menu of macarons and cookie dough cups available at The Forks!*


*Note, ask the JRC team member working the day you visit which flavours are available.


Salted Caramel*
Cotton Candy*
Birthday Batter
Cookie Dough
Earl Grey*
Key Lime Pie
Strawberry Rhubarb*
Peanut Butter Cup*
Carrot Cake with Walnuts
Mini Egg*
Creme Egg*
* = Gluten-less flavours. Our kitchen contains gluten so we cannot 100% guarantee against cross-contamination.

Cookie Dough Cups

Chocolate Chip**
Vanilla Sprinkle**
Mini Egg
** = Vegan. Contains soy.

Cookie Sandwiches

Our cookie sandwich flavours rotate but spring will bring to the menu the following exciting flavours into regular rotation.

Mini Egg
Creme Egg
Lemon Meringue
Raspberry Lemon
Lemon Bar
Cotton Candy
Strawberry Shortcake
and more!


We hope to see you soon at The Forks! Open daily from 10am – 9pm.



Charity Of The Month

Caring for our local community is something we value at Jenna Rae Cakes. Being able to contribute to various charities allows us the opportunity to serve our community and we couldn’t be more excited and grateful to give back to the community that has given us so much support.

For January, our Charity of the Month is Main Street Project.


Main Street Project provides a safe place of respite, shelter and support, with dignity and without judgment to individuals in our community experiencing homelessness and addiction. They advocate for a more inclusive society and assist marginalized individuals in making real choices in their lives. Their vision is that every individual has a safe place to be and the right to self-determination.


Main Street Project helps hold communities by supporting people living with addictions, chronic and acute illness, housing and mental health issues – their guiding principles. By addressing these principles in each individual journey, Main Street Project contributes to the overall quality of life of our community members.


Throughout the month of January, $0.50 from the purchase of each Vanilla Bean Cupcake will be donated to Main Street Project. Purchase your Vanilla Bean cupcake at either of our locations and know that you are supporting a wonderful charity making a difference right here in Winnipeg.

To learn more about Main Street Project, visit their website here.

Visit us at
The Forks
Open Daily 10am – 9pm

Monday – Thursday noon-6pm
Friday + Saturday 10am-6pm
Closed Sunday

Holiday Pre-Orders Are Here!

It’s a marshmallow world in the winter, and we have the sweet, festive treats to make it a delicious holiday season when your loved ones come to visit, friends pop by to say “Happy Holidays” or when you visit those you wish you could see more often.


The Jenna Rae Cakes Holiday Pre-Order Menu is now live and we have a special surprise. Santa told us that our customers are on his ‘Nice’ list this year so we are accepting online pre-orders for the entire month of December! Holiday Pre-Order pick-up dates start on Thursday, December 5th and run throughout the month of December until December 24th. Simply place your online pre-order for the date you’d like to pick it up. When you visit our shop on Academy Road to pick up your order on the way to your office party, holiday gathering, or another holiday event, you can skip the line-up and pick up your order quickly.


Spend less time in stores shopping and more time with those you love this holiday season by placing your Holiday Pre-Order for pick-up during the month of December and surprise those you care about with sweet treats for all ages!


Check out our Holiday Pre-Order Menu below and visit our Holiday Pre-Order Page to place your order.



Are you hosting a celebration at work, for family or for your friends? Save yourself the time it takes to prepare dessert and pre-order some of our treats ready to enjoy for parties of any size! Click on any item below to learn more.


Assorted Holiday Treat Platter

Mini Cupcake Platter

Holiday Cake

Mini Cream Puffs

Holiday Macaron Tower

Boxes of Custom Printed Cupcakes

Holiday Celebration Cupcakes



Gifts that are beautiful and delicious are always a win! These gift items will check off those on your life from your office Secret Santa to stocking stuffers and for those who seem to have everything already. Click on any item below to learn more.


Assorted Gift Box

Cookie Sandwich Gift Box

Chocolate Covered Oreo Gift Box

Holiday Macaron Sleeves

Hot Chocolate Bomb

Custom Printed Macarons

Individual Custom Printed Cupcake




Nothing says ‘Happy Holiday’s’ like an unexpected treat for those you love. Our shaped macarons, cookie dough cups and ‘For Santa’ macaron are little additions that will get big smiles! Click on any item below to learn more.


Holiday Cookie Dough Cups

Reindeer Macarons

Ornament Macarons

For Santa Macaron


Don’t forget to take a look at our gift items like our Signature Cotton Candy Flavouring and jewellery when you stop by to pick up your Holiday Pre-Order. From the entire team at Jenna Rae Cakes, we wish you and yours a sweet Holiday Season filled with all things merry and bright.


Sweet Deal!

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