Top 9 of 2018

Welcome, 2019! To start of 2019 we are looking back at our top 8 Instagram posts of 2018. If you know anything about JRC, you know that we love Instagram. Instagram has been the way we reach out to our customers to let them know what is on the menu each day and to share photos of our sweet treats with followers from around the world.


We take pride in the content we put out on Instagram so it’s always interesting to us to see which posts perform better than others. With such a monumental year, we had a few ideas which images would make our top 9 but a few surprised us. Let’s take a look at our top 9 posts!


Jenna Rae Cakes 2018 top 9 posts from Instagram


It’s no surprise our biggest moments of 2018 were also your favourites! Jenna’s wedding (and her wedding cake using techniques from the Maggie Austin workshop Jenna attended with Ashley in May) was a highlight and the flood of DM’s we received congratulating Jenna and telling her how beautiful she was on her wedding day was so appreciated.


Jenna’s baby on the way is, of course, another highlight we were excited to share with our Instagram community. From comments to DM’s, we’ve heard all your favourite places for maternity clothing and suggestions for all things baby related. We are so excited to share Jenna’s little girl with you in 2019.


The opening of The Forks was a BIG highlight for us this year and we are glad to see it was for you, too! Our location at The Forks made picking up your JRC treats a little easier for those who are closer to The Forks or make dates with family and friends to visit this iconic Winnipeg location. We’ve felt your support since opening our second location and we are so grateful that we can have two locations in one city.


The best day of the year for us was also a favourite of yours– Harry Potter Day! To us, Harry Potter Day is even better than Christmas! Dragon Eggs, Butterbeer EVERYTHING, sorting our customers into their house at Hogwarts and seeing people line up in their best robes has us wishing we received our letter to Hogwarts. We may all be muggles but we love bringing the magic of the books to you.


While we can already predict what our top 9 posts for 2019 will be, we are even more excited to see you follow along with us as we continue to grow to better serve you. Happy 2019!


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