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We love working directly with our clients to create a custom cake that reflects their style, budget, event, and guest list. Each and every cake is completely customized to what your specifications are. From your initial consultation to the first moment when you slice into your beautiful wedding cake, we’re happy to work with you to finalize every last detail.

*Please note that Jenna is currently on Mat Leave and taking less wedding cakes that normal. Inquiry early to avoid disappointment as her schedule fills up quickly.



The best way to set up a tasting is to email us directly at Your event details, flavour options, budget, and design ideas are discussed.



We will arrange a to-go cake tasting package that you can pick up once the basics are covered. You can choose 3 flavours to sample, and there is a $40 fee (if your cake is over $500, this fee is refunded towards the cost of your cake should you choose to book with us). Once a flavour is chosen, the cake sketches are reviewed (if applicable), final design is approved and a deposit of 50% is required to save the date.



One month prior to your event date, the remaining 50% deposit is required. Based on your contract, we will arrange to drop off your cake at your event and make sure that it is picture perfect.

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I’m picking up my cake and want to be sure it arrives safely to my destination. What are your best tips/suggestions?

We want your cake to make it to your destination in perfect condition. There are a few things you can do to keep your cake safe as you transport it from our shop on Academy to your celebration:

  • The safest place for your cake is on the floor of the backseat area of your vehicle. This is an even, flat space with minimal room for the cake box to slide around. Plus, the backseat is temperature controlled so you have a higher chance of keeping your cake nice a cool, preventing slipping. Avoid putting your cake in your trunk, on a seat or on someone’s lap.


  • It’s ideal to have air conditioning that works well to keep your car and cake nice and cool. Your cake is beautiful and we want it to stay lovely from the time you leave our shop to the time it arrives at its final destination. Buttercream is made out of butter, which can soften up as it gets warm. A vehicle with air conditioning that works well will help keep your buttercream cool and prevent it from softening and beginning to melt. Buttercream that is too warm from being in a hot car can slip and slide from bumps, potholes, quick stops and sharp turns.


  • Drive carefully as your cake is special cargo. Take turns slower than you usually would and avoid bumps and potholes as much as possible.


  • If you are transporting your cake to a destination that is further than 30-45 minutes away, please let us know so we can take special care to have your cake nice and chilled when you pick it up.

Please note: Once the cake leaves our shop, we are not responsible for what happens on the transportation journey. Please follow the transportation instructions above and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

We do not offer refunds. Please email us if there is a change to your order at

Do you ship custom macarons for special events?

We love to cater for special events, large or small! Get in touch with us directly for a custom quote. Please include date, shipping address, order quantity, etc. in email to and we will confirm whether or not we can accommodate your order.

Where are you located?

Our licensed kitchen and bakery is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

My macarons arrived, but they are damaged. What do I do?

While we always aim for perfection, we unfortunately do not have control over how our mail carrier handles the shipping process, and as a result, we do not provide refunds. For damage claims, please submit photographs of the external shipping box as well as the damaged macarons to along with your order number. We want every experience you have with us to be a positive one, and will do our best to resolve any issues!

My macarons arrived and the ice pack is melted. Are they safe to consume?

The ice packs may no longer be cold upon arrival; this is okay! The ice packs help the macarons stay cold during transit and may be thawed by the time your package arrives. You can still go ahead and enjoy the treats!

How do you ship your macarons?

We take the utmost care and attention to detail when packaging and shipping your macarons. This includes food grade blister cases, FDA approved ice packs, and an insulated envelope to help your macarons stay cool and fresh in transit. We currently use UPS Express Saver as our delivery service, which guarantees overnight or 2-day delivery to most addresses in Canada.

What days do you ship?

We begin to take orders for the following week’s shipment every Tuesday morning, and close orders the following Monday at midnight CST (or until macaron boxes are sold out). We ship out the macarons every Tuesday, which means they will arrive at your doorstep on Wednesday or Thursday by the end of day!

How do I care for my macarons once they arrive?

When you receive your box of macarons, the ice pack will be melted, having done it’s job
of keeping your macarons cool in transit. Place the box of macarons in the fridge or freezer for
a minimum of one hour. Our macarons taste their best at room temperature or slightly
chilled—the buttercream is soft, the ganache is creamy, and the shells are nice and chewy!
Macarons will keep well for up to 5 days in the fridge or 1 month in the freezer in an airtight container.

Are your macarons gluten free?

Most of our macaron flavours are gluten FRIENDLY, but none of our macarons are gluten FREE because they are made in a kitchen that has gluten products, so cross-contamination may occur. We cannot be held responsible for allergic outbreaks.

Can I choose which flavours I want in my macaron gift box?

Due to demand, you’ll receive an assortment of 6 flavours in every box and we cannot guarantee specific flavours for shipping. If you have special requests for which flavours you’d prefer in your box, you can leave it in the comments section on your order and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

How do you choose what flavours will be available each week?

We try and provide our customers with lots of variety, which means we’re constantly taking requests through our social media channels. 

What is your cancellation/no-show policy?

Wedding Cakes/Orders: Once the 50% deposit is made, the deposit is non-refundable. If the event is cancelled, the deposit can be turned into a credit for another Jenna Rae custom cake/desserts in the next year following.

Bakery Cakes/Orders: We require a full week’s notice to cancel any cakes or large bakery orders.

No Show: We will call you to try and arrange an alternate pick up date. If we cannot get a hold of you and your order remains unclaimed, your credit card may be charged.

We are aware that life is unpredictable, and in the case of an extenuating circumstance please call us and we will do our best to accommodate!

I love a certain type of flower. Can you make it for me out of sugar for our cake?

Of course I can! I love making sugar flowers, and they make for a great memento to keep of your wedding cake – they last forever!

Our banquet coordinator suggested that not all of our guests will want a slice of cake. How many servings should we order?

We typically suggest ordering enough servings for 60-70% of your guests, as not everyone will take a piece of cake. If you’re going with cupcakes or other goodies, you definitely want to have over 100%, as more people are inclined to grab a couple of cupcakes or one of each type of dessert.

Are your designs actually “fully customizable?” What does that mean?

Yes they are! Every cake we do is completely customized. We work with you through emails, consultations, and sketches to help create your vision for your cake and make sure it’s exactly what you want. You can view some of our past work in our Portfolio and take ideas from there, or start with your own ideas!

How far advance do you book for weddings and other large special events?

Weddings can be booked up to a year in advance! We usually recommend booking at least 4-6 months before weddings, as the wedding season typically books up very quickly and we can only take so many events each weekend. For custom cakes for special events, 2 months is always a good amount of time, although if you have a last minute request we will definitely try to make it work! For 1-tiered signature cakes, 2 weeks is the typical time requirement.

I just want a simple cake! How far in advance should I book my cake?

We typically require 2-3 weeks notice to book a simple signature cake. The earlier the better, but we will always try our best to accommodate last minute requests!

We love your cakes, but we don’t have a clue what we want for our wedding/special event cake. How should we prepare for our wedding consult?

Start by looking at ideas online – Pinterest and Instagram are some of my favourites – and save all the pictures that you really are drawn to. We can use this to see the styles that you like and help create your ideal wedding cake. We’ll get to know what shapes you like, what accents you’re drawn to, and colour palette ideas. I also have a lot of display cakes at the store, so you can get an idea of what it may actually look like on the big day.