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Aside from being known for our macarons, Jenna Rae Cakes is also known for our delicious variety of Signature Cakes and Jenna's one-of-a-kind custom cake creations! We receive many questions about our cakes from how far in advance to order, to what the process is like for a custom cake, so we thought we would take to our blog to share some answers and give you the inside scoop on our scrumptious cakes.



All Signature Jenna Rae Cakes are created by stacking four layers of delicious cake with three layers of decadent fillings. The finishing touches of various toppings, both flavourful and decorative, ensure each cake is handmade to perfection to give your special occasion the sweetness it deserves. Our decorative finishes are a great way to customize our signature cakes to suit your event.

Our website showcases 20 of our Signature cake flavours including favourites like Cookie Dough, Salted Caramel Toffee Crunch, S'mores, Birthday Oreo, Pistachio White Chocolate, Raspberry Lemon and more. Our most recent addition to our line of Signature cake flavours is the beloved Peanut Butter Marshmallow Square. To view our entire list of flavours, visit the Signature cakes page on our website.

Decorative Add-Ons

While our Signature cakes look beautiful just as they are, it's often nice to add some decorative add-ons so the cake can really match the personality of the party or person the cake is for! We offer a variety of customizations to take your cake to the next level. Our customizations include ombre buttercream, chocolate ganache drip, an edible greeting disc, macarons, sugar blossoms, sugar flowers and pearls, and, of course, the works-- a delicious addition of a variety of our sweet treats including macarons, meringues, chocolate covered Oreos and chocolate covered cake gems. The works is the perfect addition for any person who has a sweet tooth. Learn more about our customizations here.

To Order

Our small yet mighty cake department books up quick! Please note that we typically require 2-3 weeks notice for cake orders. To order, please call our Academy location at 1-204-691-4222 or email jenna@jennaraecakes.com


Our Signature cakes are priced by size of the cake, which also shows how many servings a cake can be sliced into. When we talk with customers on the phone, they often think a 6" cake is quite small-- remember, it's 4 layers high! Our cakes are deceivingly large!

6” (Small) 6-10 servings – $50

8” (Medium) 12-18 servings – $70

10” (Large) 24-30 servings – $100

Cotton Candy Signature cake with edible happy birthday disc by Signature Birthday Oreo Cake by Jenna Rae Cakes


Each week our bakers whip up a few extra cakes available on a first come, first served basis. These are our signature cakes that can be customized with any of our decorative add-ons. To find out which to-go cakes are available, give our shop on Academy a call at 1-204-691-4222 or visit our daily menu to see which cakes are still available.

A Louis Vuitton custom purse cake with a shoe box and shoes and sugar flowers by Signature Birthday Oreo Cake by Jenna Rae Cakes


We understand the joy that a completely custom and special cake can bring to any celebration. Jenna Rae Cakes has become a Winnipeg favourite for sculpted 3D cakes and multiple tiered designs. Jenna will work with you to create a custom edible work of art for your theme, budget, and style!


Our custom cakes can be any of our signature flavours-- it's up to you! The beauty of a tiered cake is the ability to try multiple flavours in one beautifully designed cake. We suggest taking a look through our flavour list before emailing with your request.

The Jenna Rae Cakes shelves in the Academy location

The Process

A custom cake is more than just a cake, it's a completely customized edible work of art that is sure to exceed your expectations and add the 'wow' factor to your next celebration. Since a custom cake is just that, custom, you will work directly with Jenna to ensure your cake is exactly what you envision.

Step 1 - Email your request

We always recommend getting your custom cake order in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. So, as soon as you know the date for your event, email jenna@jennaraecakes.com to get the process started! Be sure to include the date you'd like your cake for, the number of guests you'd like the cake to serve, and any design inspiration you have.

Step 2 - Design and confirmation

Now that we have the information that we need, Jenna will work with you to discuss event details, flavour options, budget and design ideas. All of the design and pricing details will be confirmed with Jenna via email. Once everything is approved, a deposit of 50% is required to save the date. Please note that your order will not be confirmed until the deposit is paid.

Step 3 - Enjoy!

The remaining 50% deposit must be paid on or before the day of your pick up. We can take a credit card number over the phone if you’d prefer to skip the line-up at the bakery. Your cake will be packaged up in a box and can be transported on a flat surface in your vehicle (we typically recommend the trunk of an SUV). Last but not least – enjoy your beautiful custom cake!


Pricing starts at: 6″: 6-10 servings ($50) | 8”: 12-18 servings ($70) | 
10”: 24-30 servings ($100) | mini 2-tier: 20 wedding servings ($200) | 2-tier: 35 wedding servings ($300) | small 3-tier: 50 wedding servings ($500) | large 3-tier: 75 wedding servings ($750) | 4+ tier: custom quote, please contact us! *wedding servings are smaller than the typical serving

There's something so special about a cake for a celebration-- it shows how much thought and love was put into planning a celebration and makes those in attendance feel loved and like part of the experience. A cake is designed to be shared with those you care about, to be enjoyed over laughter and well wishes, and leave no guest without the perfect amount of dessert for a 'small slice' can be as enjoyable as a big slice.

If you have any questions about our signature or custom cakes, feel free to check out our FAQ section or call the shop to talk to one of our friendly staff.

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