March Community Initiative of the Month

For the month of March, our Community Initiative of the Month is the Winnipeg Humane Society!

​The Winnipeg Humane Society is dedicated to protecting animals from suffering and to promoting their welfare and dignity.

We had the opportunity to ask Kyle Doering, Community Relations Officer at the Winnipeg Humane Society some questions about the Winnipeg Humane Society so we could learn more about the work they do.

Tell us about the Winnipeg Humane Society.

Established in 1894, the WHS is one of the oldest community service organizations in Winnipeg, and the oldest animal shelter and welfare organization in Manitoba. Thanks to the support of our community, we’ve continued to grow and adapt to meet the needs of Winnipeg’s animal population over the last 127 years. The WHS is responsible for helping over 10,000 animals each year, both in the shelter and in the community.

Tell us about how the Winnipeg Humane Society is dedicated to protecting animals from suffering and to promoting their welfare and dignity.

There are so many different ways we are involved in protecting ALL animals from suffering and promoting their welfare and dignity – both in shelter and in the community at large. The WHS clinic performs up to 40 surgeries a day, including emergency and spay/neuter surgeries. Our Behaviour Department ensures our dogs are ready to handle the “real world” once they leave our shelter. We hold the largest lost pet registry in the province. Our Education programs teach children and adults the value of responsible pet ownership. We are the only animal organization that has the ability to enforce the Animal Care Act of Manitoba and prosecute offenders. We give animals their well-deserved ‘second chances’.

How has Covid-19 impacted the Winnipeg Humane Society and the work you do in the community?

Covid-19 has made the WHS make significant changes to the way it operates. To give a few examples, we have had to change our Adoptions protocols to appointment-only, shift all of our fundraising campaigns to virtual platforms, alter the way our education department delivers its services and monitor how many people are in the building, which includes reduced volunteer hours.

Why are the services provided by Winnipeg Humane Society essential for animals in and around Winnipeg?

We provide care to thousands of animals in need each year. Our Clinic is very busy performing lifesaving surgeries on animals that would have no other place to go. Our Adoptions, Intake, Foster, Behaviour, Investigations and Emergency Response, and Education departments all play a critical role in enhancing life for animals in our Province.

A portion of sales from all cupcakes from both in-store pick up and from SkipTheDishes at our shop at 580-E Academy Road and at The Forks will be donated to the Winnipeg Humane Society throughout the month of March

To learn more about the Winnipeg Humane Society, click here.

"Thank you to JRC for supporting the Winnipeg Humane Society and believing in the work we do. The animals thank you!"

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