Our Favourite Holiday Traditions

The Holiday season is such a magical time rich with heart-warming traditions that make us look towards this season with eager anticipation. We asked our incredible team what their favourite holiday traditions are and we are so excited to share with you the moments that make each holiday season even more memorable than the last. Take a read below and let a few of our team's traditions inspire you to create some new traditions of your own. "We remember when our parents would take trays of homemade treats to every place we went over the holidays. Now, we take our Holiday Platters to every gathering. It's nice to continue this tradition with our own treats." - Ashley + Jenna. Check out our Holiday Platters here. "Christmas Day we always have breakfast and open presents. Then, we go to see a movie and have Chinese food for dinner lol. This year we are going to see the new Little Women." - Jenna R "Every Christmas Eve when I was growing up we would watch a Christmas movie. From The Santa Clause to The Nightmare Before Christmas, there was always a new Christmas movie we would get to watch. Now, my husband and I watch a festive movie every Christmas Eve to continue this tradition." - Aelea "Aside from going to church for 9 days as a preparation to Christmas called "simbang gabi", I enjoy the treats we eat after every mass. I love "bibingka" and "puto bungbong". They are traditional desserts that we get to eat mostly during December. On Christmas Eve we stay up late to attend church and share dinner at midnight after mass to celebrate Christmas. I enjoy doing this with my family." - Beatriz "Opening Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve and then having a sleepover with my sisters and watching a Christmas movie! It’s always been the best evening!" - Amelia No matter what traditions make your holiday special, we hope you can continue the ones that make your holiday spirits bright or begin new ones that allow you to enjoy the joy of the season. Heading to a gathering? Our Holiday Pre-Orders close TODAY and we would love to be sure you have something special to bring to those you love.

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