Baby Shower Planning Tips with West Coast Kids

wckxjrc_11 janda We supply a lot of treats for baby showers at Jenna Rae Cakes, from cakes to macarons to custom treats, so we were super excited to finally host one of our own! Jenna hosted a baby shower for Ashley recently, and we looked to West Coast Kids for help with registering. West Coast Kids is a locally-run and family-operated company that started in Winnipeg and has now expanded across Canada. Together, we've come up up with a few tips to help execute a flawless baby shower of your own! wckxjrc_1 wckxjrc_3 Tip No.1: Do your research on how to register! Ashley registered at West Coast Kids in Winnipeg because of their vast selection, quality products and knowledgeable staff. Walking into a baby store before your first baby can be SUPER intimidating! A big shout out to Sunshine from West Coast Kids for making Ashley and Trevor's registry experience so pleasant. The staff there is so knowledgable and patient, and they will walk you through everything you need to know about what baby items you'll need right away, which ones are optional, and what you can plan on purchasing within the first year. West Coast Kids has everything from strollers to car seats to the most adorable little outfits, so you'll have tons of options when it comes to registering. They also have an online registry on their website that you can log into at any point and add or edit items - so convenient! (Shop the star body suit pictured above here) wckxjrc_5 wckxjrc_9 Tip No.2: Mini sweet treats are the way to go! Jenna Rae Cakes catered Ashley's baby shower with mini macarons, mini meringues, mini cookie sandwiches, truffles, gems and covered oreos in a variety of pastel colours. The best part? We're able to customize these treats to suite any colour palette. Also - who else recommends Sophie the Giraffe?! I feel like they're on everyone's list! wckxjrc_4 Tip No.3: We decided on a multi-coloured pastel palette for Ashley's baby shower. We carried this theme through the desserts, the favours, the flowers (from Academy Florist), and it resulted in a happy, colourful atmosphere! Perfect for celebrating a little baby-to-be. wckxjrc_8 Tip No.4: We made some of our signature mini dessert boxes as take home favours for shower guests. They're filled with mini macarons and mini meringues - the perfect addition to any baby shower! Find out more about the favours we offer here. cake Tip No.5: The cake!! Jenna made Ashley a beautiful 2-tier "works" cake, featuring all of our sweet treats beautifully placed on and around the cake. If you're looking to order a cake like this for your next event, you can email Jenna directly at

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