Highlights of 2019

2019 is coming to an end and all of us at JRC are taking a few moments to reflect on this past year. While our Instagram top 9 of 2019 features some amazing moments, there are a few others that come to mind when we reflect on 2019.

At Jenna Rae Cakes, we adopted the slogan 'better, not bigger' going into 2019. After opening up our location at The Forks and growing our team, we knew we had to commit to finding our footing with these new endeavours. The year of better, not bigger, saw some incredible behind the scenes progress and changes that our customers wouldn't even know that has helped 2019 be such a wonderful year for us. When we look back at 2019, there are a few things that stand out personally and at JRC for Jenna and Ashley. Here are Jenna + Ashley's highlights from 2019.

  • Lilah of course! Jenna had her first child and Ashley became an aunty to the happiest baby in the world!
  • Growing the JRC family even more! It still amazes Jenna to see all the people that work for JRC and how they bring their best to work each and every single day.
  • Finding out baby #2 is on the way for Ashley. Baby #2 is due in January and everyone is excited for their family to become a family of 4 in 2020!
  • Chelsea, their youngest sister, married her best friend this past summer. Definitely one of their favourite days of 2019!
  • For Ashley, 2019 was a year where most of her time was dedicated to a secret project… that we cannot WAIT to unveil in early 2020! Stay tuned! It’s been a monumental undertaking and a labour of love and we cannot wait for it to get out into the world. We promise this secret project won’t disappoint!
  • Another highlight of 2019 was a project we just wrapped before Christmas, and it will have to stay under wraps until January unfortunately. But don’t worry, we can share more very soon!
  • For Ashley, renovating their kitchen this summer with Jaclyn Peters was a dream come true! For Jenna, working with Jaclyn Peters for the design of her new home was wonderful.
  • Jenna and Ashley took as many opportunities as they could to be together while Jenna was pregnant and giving birth to Lilah in Toronto! Ashley took frequent trips to Toronto to visit Jen and her growing family and it's been lovely to have Jenna back in Winnipeg as often as she can.

We can't wait for all the exciting projects to be revealed in 2020 and we are so excited to see how 2020 unfolds. If it's anything like this year, we don't even know of all the incredible opportunities the year will hold but we are grateful already for what the year will bring. Thank you for being part of each and every year. Without you, our beloved customers, none of this would be possible.

Wishing you and yours a happy new year!

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