Boob Macarons are Back at JRC

October is breast cancer awareness month and at Jenna Rae Cakes we have brought back our popular boob macarons to raise funds for CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. For the month of October, purchase any of our vanilla bean boob macarons and we will donate $1 from the purchase of every macaron sold at The Forks and at our shop on Academy.

We had the opportunity to ask Donna Laurin, the Events Assistant with CancerCare Manitoba Foundation Inc. about the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation so we could learn more about how they support those with Breast Cancer right here in Manitoba.

How does CancerCare Manitoba Foundation support breast cancer awareness, support and research in Manitoba?

Donations to CancerCare Manitoba enables CancerCare Manitoba to offer better access to cancer treatment and services throughout the province. It helps CancerCare Manitoba recruit, develop and retain the best and brightest cancer specialists, provides critical funding to operate a state-of-the-art cancer research centre, ensures access to clinical trials here in Manitoba and most importantly provides real hope for Manitobans and their families facing a cancer diagnosis. You can see the enormous impact you have to change lives in Manitoba with your donations.

How will the support raised from the Jenna Rae Cakes community be used to support those with Breast Cancer?

All funds raised by Jenna Rae Cakes boob macaron sale will go toward CancerCare Manitoba Foundation in support of breast cancer research and prevention. All funds raised stay in Manitoba to help those we know and love touched by breast cancer.

Here are some stats about breast cancer:

- Breast cancer continues to be the number one cancer diagnosed in women in Canada. In 2019 the estimated number used was 26,900 cases in Canada.

- The estimated incidence of breast cancer for 2019 in Manitoba is 855.

- The number of deaths from breast cancer has dropped by nearly by half since it peaked in 1986.

- The 5-year net survival rate for breast cancer is high at 88% in Manitoba.

In regards to breast cancer screening:

- Cancer screening is for people who have no signs or symptoms of cancer

- It can prevent some cancers by finding and treating changes before they develop into cancer

- Screening can help find cancers early when treatments may work better

- Screening saves lives

How has Covid-19 impacted Breast Cancer Awareness, Research and Support?

Cancer didn’t stop when COVID started. So we haven’t stopped fundraising as needs remain the same and we want to do everything we can to support those touched by cancer through the work being done at CancerCare Manitoba.

Tell us about CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

All funds raised and donated remain in Manitoba. These funds support an internationally-recognized team of health professionals at CancerCare Manitoba who provide outstanding care for patients and their families.

Our mission, in partnership with our donors, is to support CancerCare’s strategic priorities. Your generosity enables the Foundation to maximize the funds provided to CancerCare Manitoba each year. Donor contributions help bridge the gap of initiatives and programs not eligible for government funding or where financial resources are not available, including prevention, early detection, clinical trials and leading-edge research and treatment. Thanks to the generosity of donors, CancerCare Manitoba Foundation has been able to grant more than $134 million since 2000. This support to CancerCare Manitoba profoundly impacts patient outcomes.

CancerCare Manitoba is our provincially mandated agency for cancer and blood disorders. We share its bold vision, “A world free of cancer” and the goal that no life is cut short by cancer — a complex set of more than 200 diseases.

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation is the only charitable organization exclusively fundraising for CancerCare Manitoba.

Anything else you'd like to share!

Thank you for your incredible efforts and for giving hope to so many people touched by cancer.

Be sure to stop by The Forks or 580-E Academy Road and pick up a boob or two to throughout the month of October to support breast cancer awareness, research and prevention as together we support CancerCare Manitoba Foundation as our October Community Initiative of the Month.

Click here to learn more about CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

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