Thanksgiving Pre-Orders Are Here

What are you grateful for this year?

Covid-19 has brought many challenges to everyone this year which means we are intentionally finding small reasons to be grateful during our every day. From being thankful for the sunshine and how pretty the leaves look while changing colours to being grateful for the friends and family we can connect with and how technology makes it so we are able to do so, we are realizing that even amidst a global pandemic, we are still finding ourselves with hearts full of gratitude.

Thanksgiving is a chance for us to gather with some of our favourite people and enjoy their company. Laughing around the dinner table, enjoying a long afternoon of sharing how life is going and embracing all the changes of the season are just a few of the many reasons we look forward to Thanksgiving gatherings every year.

As with all holidays throughout 2020, this one probably looks different for you. Maybe you're not able to travel to where your loved ones reside or they aren't able to travel to where you are, perhaps your gatherings will be smaller than you usually enjoy or maybe instead of a day full of fun you are gathering for an outdoor bonfire to celebrate the season. Regardless of how you find yourself celebrating Thanksgiving this year, we will be there for you for all your sweet treat needs.

Our Thanksgiving Pre-Orders are here and we have a variety of sweet treats in small sizes for your unique and special gatherings. Take a look below to see what we have available to pre-order and pick up at our shop at 580-E Academy Road on Thursday, October 8th, Friday, October 9th or Saturday, October 10th.


Available in gift boxes of 6-macarons or 12-macarons, our signature, chewy macarons are always a hit as a gift or as dessert.


Cookies are crowd pleasers for guests of any age! Our Cookie Sandwich Gift Box is stuffed with 6 cookie sandwiches.


Individual delights together in a box with a greeting tag that says Happy Thanksgiving transforms a box of cupcakes into a beautiful and delicious feature.


A centrepiece on your table to remind people to save room for dessert, our Thanksgiving Cake is a pumpkin cake filled with cream cheese buttercream and pumpkin spice crumble!


A treat for an office coffee break or small gathering that will be enough for snacking before and after dinner as you spend Thanksgiving together.

Thanksgiving Pre-Orders are now open and close at midnight on Monday, October 5th. All orders will be picked up at our shop at 580-E Academy Road between noon and 6pm on Thursday, October 8th, Friday, October 9th and Saturday, October 10th. Please note, due to Covid-19 regulations, you are unable to skip the line up to pick up your pre-order. We will do our best to as efficient as possible and we thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Click here to learn more and place your order.

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