Magic Mallow Mummy Chocolate Bar Recipe

Get your DIY on this spooky season with our Magic Mallow Mummy Chocolate Bars! Easy to make with just a few ingredients, these chocolate bars are delicious and will be the talk of the town if you hand them out to lucky trick-or-treaters on Halloween!

🍫 Magic Mallow Mummy Chocolate Bars (makes 3 chocolate bars) 🍫

Magic Mallow Chocolate Bar Ingredients:
4 cups cup white chocolate melting wafers
5-10 drops Liquid Magic Mallow
Amethyst Edible Glitter from the Magic Potion Glitter Trio
1/2 cup eyeball sprinkles


  1. Sprinkle and dust with a paintbrush, or use our Dazzle Dust Pump, and apply an even layer of Amethyst Edible Glitter (or Edible Glitter of your choice!) from the Magic Potion Glitter Trio to each of your chocolate bar moulds.
  2. In a microwave safe bowl, melt the white chocolate melting wafers in 30 second increments, stirring well until smooth. Add Liquid Magic Mallow and stir to combine and taste. If you'd like the flavour to be stronger, add a few more drops. Pour 3 cups of the chocolate into a piping bag and cut off the tip. Pipe chocolate into the moulds. Tap the chocolate bar moulds to smooth out the chocolate and remove air bubbles. Place in the fridge to set.
  3. To decorate, remove Magic Mallow chocolate bars from the mould and place them dazzle dust side down on a piece of parchment paper. Reheat the remaining chocolate in 30 second increments until smooth. Pour into a piping bag and cut a small hole in the tip. Drizzle chocolate across each chocolate bar both vertically and horizontally. Add eyeball sprinkles in pairs on the bar. Drizzle more chocolate in a diagonal to create a 'mummy' effect, taking care to skip the middle of the eyeballs. Allow chocolate to harden.
  4. Package in cellophane bags. Store in an airtight container at room temperature out of direct sunlight.


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