How We Are Keeping Busy Indoors

As we all spend more time indoors, we are looking for fun and creative ways to keep ourselves, and even our little ones, engaged and having fun. Group activities, dinner parties and other gatherings may be cancelled but we are finding ways to keep ourselves and our families entertained and having fun. Here's what you can find team JRC doing while we have fun social distancing.


"We made banana bread, and spend a lot of our time cooking, trying to work from home with 2 kids, and playing “balloon”, where Leo and I/Trev keep a balloon in the air as long as we can. So far our top score is 78 hits! I’m also making a scavenger hunt for Leo to find a Hot Chocolate Bomb" - Ashley

Picture below is our Jenna Rae Cakes Banana Bread Party Square recipe. We can't share it quite yet due to something really exciting coming later this year! We'll let your imagination fill in the blank!

Learning a New Language

"I am going to start quilting a baby blanket for my friend who just had a baby. I’ve had the fabric before he was born but never had the time to make it, so I guess it’s the time! I started a free language course on to learn a new language. I use the app Houseparty to video chat with my friends and play quick games together. Doing free Zumba classes on Instagram LIVE with my favourite instructors. Baking whatever I’m craving and giving it to my family and leaving the rest at my friends' doorstep." - Amirah

PVR Catch Up

"Honestly! My fav thing to do at home is watching my million pvr’d shows (always behind full seasons of shows) and let the commercials run so I can clean my house during them! It kind of makes it a fun game. We also just added a new puppy, Pepper, into the furry fam so he has been keeping us super busy in quarantine!" - Rebecca

Colouring Books

"I love working on colouring books. It makes me relax and become creative. My favourite is the enchanted forest by Johanna Basford." - Beatriz

Napping Anytime

"Catching up on things that needed to be done, finally doing a puzzle we’ve had for years, walking our dog Molly, reading new books, and napping anytime we feel like it (nothing stopping us now!)." - Jordain

Cooking + Baking

"One of my favourite things to do is bake & cook always trying new recipes!" - Leah

"I’ve been cooking and baking a lot! Both my parents are super busy with work right now, so I’m in charge of making all the meals for our family of 6! I absolutely love to cook/bake so I was more than happy to help out! I really miss JRC so I decided to make mini egg macarons, cookie sandwiches and edible cotton candy cookie dough with our signature flavouring!" - Kaitlyn

Settling In

"I’ve mostly been unboxing/organizing/cleaning every room in our new house ... finally lol and watching A LOT of movies!" - Taylor

Picking Up Old Hobbies

"I’ve been practicing piano, ukulele and singing a lot! It’s nice to revisit hobbies you don’t get to do so often. Plus, you feel so accomplished when you nail a song!" - Noah

Organizing + Crafting

"I've been passing the time going through boxes of art supplies that I've had in storage. I've moved 8 times since my School of art days, so I can finally take the time to unpack my hoarded projects and finish some. Starting with a bookbinding technique that I wanted to try out!" - Jana

Team JRC is doing our part to flatten the curve by staying home and finding fun ways to pass the time and we hope you are, too! We are all in this together.

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