What is Lustre Dust and How Do I Use It?

Edible Glitter and Lustre Dust are different from one another (learn more about Edible Glitter here!) and today we are talking all about Lustre Dust!
Have you ever seen a delicious treat covered in stunning gold that looks so flawless like it has been dipped in gold? Perhaps you've seen such high-shine silver or rose-gold that you've wondered if they used something you'd never actually eat just to get the shot for Instagram. Or maybe you've seen pearlescent shine so whimsical you've thought they must just be using pearls instead of finding an edible solution? While some might be using non-edible tricks, many are using something completely food safe and easy to use. They're using lustre dust!

What is Lustre Dust?
Lustre dust is exactly what it sounds like! Super fine, 'dust-like' particles of high shine, 100% safe to eat ingredients like mica-based pearlescent pigments and colour create lustre dust. Different from edible glitter, which is a larger flake size, the super small flake size of lustre dust is what make it perfect for painting, airbrushing or dry-brushing for full shine, metallic coverage. You can also find lustre dusts that are certified vegan, gluten-free and kosher making it perfect for really anything you'd like to eat with an element of shimmer and shine. 
Buyer Beware!
There are a lot of lustre dusts out there listed as 'non-toxic' which can give the illusion they are food-safe. However, 'non-toxic' and 'edible' are really two different. Non-toxic often means that if, by chance, it is ingested in a small amount, it's not going to hurt you. Edible means it is 100% safe to eat and is often labelled right on the packaging so you know the difference and can keep an eye out for what to look for.

How Do I Use Lustre Dust?
Using lustre dust is really simple and effective for adding that metallic shine to just about anything! There are two main ways to use lustre dust; wet or dry. We'll cover how to use it both ways below!

Using Lustre Dust Dry
To use lustre dust dry you'll give your pot of lustre dust a little shake in the shaker then use a dry paintbrush to apply. 
  • Dry brush lustre dust onto items dipped in chocolate, chocolate bars or hot chocolate bombs.
  • Add a few shakes of lustre dust into syrup or caramel and give it a good stir for a shimmery addition to pancakes, waffles or coffee.
  • Dry brush onto gum paste or fondant leaves, flowers or other shapes where you still want the colour beneath to come through.
  • ... and more! 

Using Lustre Dust Wet
Wet lustre dust gives a full coverage shine that looks like you've dipped something in pure metallics. Start by adding a shake or two of your lustre dust into a small bowl, then add a few small drops of clear alcohol and mix with a paintbrush until a paintable consistency has formed. Don't make it too thin or it won't have enough coverage. Thicker can be better and you can always add more lustre dust or clear alcohol if needed.

  • Paint details onto a cake covered in buttercream or fondant.
  • Line the edges of sugar blossom (like we do) for a gold-edged touch of elegance.
  • Pour your lustre dust paint into a spray gun to completely cover a cake or other treat in a magical shine.
  • If you want to make fondant pearls look real, paint them with a pearlescent lustre dust.
  • Swipe a fan brush on top of macarons for an elevated look.
  • Paint your unicorn horn and ears and other fondant details give your cakes or cupcakes that extra whimsical touch.
  • Use on dried royal icing to create a super metallic finish.
  • And more! Your imagination is the limit! Anywhere you want a full cover of metallic shine, you can use lustre dust either wet or dry! 
What Do We Use at Jenna Rae Cakes?
We're always asked about the luster dust we use and so it's time we tell all! We use our very own line of Dazzle Dust—edible, highly pigmented, ultra sparkly glitters and high shine lustre dusts for anywhere you want to add some sparkle and shine. We’re making all your edible shimmery, glittery and shiny dreams come true! Add a dusting of glitter on top of cupcakes, meringues, waffles or stir it into cocktails at your next celebration. Add a high lustre shine to macarons or chocolate, or paint fondant or buttercream on your stunning cake creations. Our lineup of Dazzle Dust is about to become a staple in your kitchen. Dazzle Dusts are vegan, gluten free, kosher and have absolutely no taste or texture– it’s all about that magical payoff!

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