Cotton Candy Flavouring

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Our concentrated Jenna Rae Cakes Cotton Candy Flavouring is the very same flavouring we use for our beloved cotton candy cupcakes, cakes and other treats in our bakery. Simply add a drop or two of this flavouring to your favourite recipes to give them the flavour of delicious cotton candy. Our Cotton Candy Flavouring can be added to buttercream, batter, ice cream, candy, cocktails, etc.

Our Cotton Candy Flavouring comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a dropper, stored in a holographic paper tube box.

Shake well before 
use. Add one drop 
at a time until
 desired flavour is 
reached. Keep away
 from light and heat.

Ingredients: Sugar Syrup, 
Glycol, Water, 
Natural Flavour

Caution: Highly concentrated 
flavouring. Keep out of reach
 of children. Made in France. Distributed by Jenna Rae Cakes.