Hot Chocolate Bombs


The original Hot Chocolate Bomb is back! A hostess gift or stocking stuff that makes a luxurious treat, our Hot Chocolate Bombs make a tasty statement. Simply melt the sphere in your choice of milk, stir to mix and enjoy 1-2 rich cups of hot cocoa made with high-quality ingredients you can taste. Each Hot Chocolate Bomb comes packaged individually in an acrylic box on a bed of pink crinkle paper and comes with serving instructions. Available in Salted Caramel (pink bomb) or Chocolate Lovers.

Store Hot Chocolate Bombs at room temperature out of direct sunlight. We recommend enjoying your Hot Chocolate Bomb within 2 months of purchase.

Bombs are available in either Salted Caramel (pink) or Chocolate Lovers (chocolate).

All bombs are gluten-less. Our kitchen contains gluten so we cannot 100% guarantee against cross-contamination. All of our bombs contain dairy. All of our bombs contain mini marshmallows which contain gelatin.