The Holiday Works Cupcakes


Buddy may not have mentioned it, but we are sure ‘cupcakes’ is one of the food groups elves enjoy indulging in. Our The Holiday Works Cupcakes are the delicious cupcakes you love topped with a variety of festive adornments from festively flavoured macarons to fondant snowflakes and tasty meringues. Available in boxes of 6-cupcakes or 12-cupcakes, cupcake flavours will come in assorted Signature and Festive flavours. 

It is important to keep cupcakes at room temperature—do not refrigerate them as this will dry out the cake. We bake our cupcakes fresh every morning, and we recommend that you enjoy them on the day that you purchase them. To preserve freshness, plastic wrap the bakery box or transfer to an airtight container.

Cupcake flavours will come with assorted Signature and Festive Flavours.