Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome to our new website! We're over the moon with how everything came together, and are happy to have an informative, intuitive and beautiful website that should answer a TON of regular questions that our customers have. A huge thank you to One Plus One Design who designed and managed everything from the first brainstorming meeting to the final launch. Designing a website these days is so complex, and they did such a great job simplifying all of our content for us in a sleek and easy-to-use design. A shout out to The Hatchery Creative Labs who tirelessly went above and beyond to program this massive site for us! Thank you for answering our thousands of questions over this entire process. Brittany Mahood is responsible for a lot of the gorgeous imagery on the site, she truly is one talented lady. Another big thanks goes to our head baker, Aelea, for writing and editing copy. ipad_cakes Now, let us show you around some of the cool new features! On The Menu: We'll be updating this page every morning, and throughout the day, so you can quickly check out this page whenever you want to know what is currently in our cooler, and what has sold out! ipad_menu_1000 Cake Galleries: Browse our Weddings and Cakes and Celebrations galleries to get inspired for your next event! ipad_gallery_1000 Holiday Pre-Orders: Ordering for holidays has never been easier! With Mother's Day right around the corner, customers can now order and pay online from our Holiday Gift Guides (pick-up only, no delivery). ipad_holiday_1000 Signature Cakes: Browse all of our Signature Cakes and view all of your sizing, pricing and upgrade options on one convenient page! ipad_signature_1000 Flavour Lists: We're making custom orders easy with our Signature Flavour List. Browse our hundreds of flavours of macarons, cupcakes and more and get inspired for your next event! ipad_flavours_1000 Wedding Cakes: Learn about our wedding cake process, book a tasting and get inspired from some of Jenna's favourite designs! Each cake is completely custom to you, so if you have something unique in mind, please don't hesitate to reach out. ipad_weddings_1000 Shop: Coming soon!! We are so excited to offer Canada-Wide shipping on a few select JRC items, coming Fall 2016! Watch here for updates!

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