Wreath Cake


Bring the wreath inside to enjoy! Our Wreath Cake features a soft pink buttercream exterior and a beautiful wreath design made out of buttercream, macarons, mini meringues, fondant snowflakes, gumballs, gems and a festive bow that tops the cake and delicately streams down the side. Each cake is topped with an edible greeting tag that says ‘Happy Holidays’. Available in our most popular flavours: Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Lovers and Red Velvet. 


6" cake serves ~10
8" cake serves ~20
10" cake serves ~30

Cakes come in a cake box ready to be placed in your fridge until half an hour before serving. To store left-over cake either place plastic wrap onto exposed cake layers and place into the cake box and into the fridge or cut remaining cake into slices and transfer into airtight containers and place in the fridge.

Vanilla Bean - Four layers of our classic vanilla sponge cake is filled with our smooth and creamy vanilla buttercream.

Chocolate Lovers - Our moist and incredibly delicious chocolate cake is layered with our smooth and creamy chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache drizzle.

Red Velvet - Luscious layers of bright red red velvet cake is made even more delicious by pairing the light taste of cocoa and buttermilk with a rich cream cheese buttercream.