JRC Gives Back - April 2022

For April 2022, JRC is Giving Back to the Green Action Centre!
Green Action Centre’s primary areas of work are green commuting, composting and waste reduction, sustainable living and resource conservation. They promote greener and better living by sharing practical solutions and advocating for change.
Green Action Centre has 6 fundamental principles that guide them in all they do:
1. Green Action Centre believes that eliminating the unsustainable use of resources requires the adoption and implementation of a waste reduction priority which emphasizes the elimination of waste and advocates appropriate strategies that include: reduction at source, reuse, recycling and resource recovery – in that order.
2. Green Action Centre believes value and wealth exist, and can be created, outside the conventional economic system. Examples of this value and wealth are natural capital and social/organizational capital which must be incorporated into a cost-benefit analysis. Decisions based on such models could constrain market-based activity in order to facilitate ecological sustainability and maintain our quality of life.
3. Green Action Centre believes all sectors of society have a shared responsibility to preserve and protect our environment such that the needs of present and future generations are met.
4. Green Action Centre believes that the sustainability of the natural environment requires an attitude of respect and a belief in its intrinsic value, coupled with the active conservation of life support systems, biodiversity and natural resources.
5. Green Action Centre is committed to maximizing opportunities for full participation in decision-making by all Manitobans in honest, open and accessible processes.
6. Green Action Centre is committed to human involvement in global ecological sustainability through education, awareness and action.
Through programs like Compost Winnipeg, which Jenna Rae Cakes takes part in, Commuter Challenges and more, Green Action Centre is the green living hub for Winnipeg and Manitoba.
Throughout the month of April, 5% of cupcake sales will be donated to Green Action Centre. Purchase your cupcakes at our shops at Academy, Island Lakes or The Forks or through SkipTheDishes and know you’re making a difference for people and the planet.
To learn more about Green Action Centre, visit their website here.

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