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This past winter we knew we wanted to capture our Hot Chocolate Bombs and our Advent Calendars in the most captivating way possible including taking you behind the scenes into how each item is hand-crafted with love in our kitchen. When considering all of the talent Winnipeg has to offer for videography, one company stood out above the rest– Folks Films.
We invited them into our kitchen and allowed them to work their magic to capture the creation of these seasonal specialties. We couldn’t have been more happy with how Folks Films captured our seasonal sweet treats and how they showcased all the love and care that goes into creating these decadent chocolates!
Check out the making of our Hot Chocolate Bombs filmed by Folks Films HERE.
If this is your first time hearing about Folks Films, allow us to introduce you! We had a chance to ask Folks Films a few questions about their love for Winnipeg and storytelling.
What is it like to work together as siblings?
As siblings who have been close our whole lives, working together feels natural. We know each other on a lifelong scale and making videos and films feels as fun now as it did when we were at home with our dad’s camcorder.
Top 3 recommendations you’d give someone visiting Winnipeg.
1. There’s this great dessert bakery called Jenna Rae Cakes. It’s super dope.
2. Activate
3. Sous Sol
Tell us what you do in 30 seconds or less.
From award-winning short films to high end commercials and promos, we are dedicated to creative filmmaking and it’s entire process. We write, shoot, edit, and produce video content. We guide you through video story-telling, and help you connect to your audience.
Where does your passion for storytelling come from?
Growing up our family watched many movies together, sometimes till 4 in the morning. We remember getting lost in the stories and connecting with the characters in ways we weren’t expecting. We learned about life, acceptance, and experiences from different kinds of people all around the world…all from the comfort of our living room couch. Because of how affected we were by all these stories and the way they were told, we knew we wanted to do it ourselves.
Learn more about Folks Films at their brand new website HERE!

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